Scrambled around all morning with help from Trudy and Darin in order to get my page loaded and the lab taught. Amy and Trudy took the lab downstairs. Resident Dee later discouraged me a lot by saying she did not understand the point of the lab.

It did not go as smoothly as I had hoped, but in fact they did all seem to get quite a ways thorugh and were able to email the results to me. It should have been done earlier as they had their newsletter assignments due later and since there were not really doing case studies...may not have seen the point of the order.

I ended the exercise feeling down and discouraged.

Did the 6 to 10 shift ..... got the test questions together to give to Dee the following day and planned a pp presentation to the students..actually did it..covering the MESH headings and the browser.

I had picked up stockings and a little egg with Easter Candy ..and was late..had not realized I was on the desk..gave it to Judith and got a rather are on the desk....

Thus began my intent to document stuff from case she is "documenting" right back...keeping a file ?

The email about PubMed....really got to me later.

My inclination is to look at a photo of Marti like this with the computer and see her as anxious to learn

I keep going over and over with Eden how she makes up entire songs

How she comes home from school and goes right to the little table in BNs room to finish her work

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