April 1, 2000

Saturday morning.. "Come Saturday morning"..I think of that wonderful song from the Sterile CooCoo....

I started at 5:00 and continued until 7:30 with that incredible email correspondence I started back on March 11....when I did marathons ....putting together what I think my aim has been 100...Men...and stumbling unexpectly into a lot of information about lives, careers, family relationships I had not expected.

I keep telling myself that I MUST STOP..and yet I keep on..and keep on...

The mail had a nice surprise, the manuscript from my Romanian penpal, in a pink cover and the photo above is me reading it on MARTA..a very nice photo of myself (if I do say so myself.)..

The "nontraditional Pharm D" students were taking a test when I got there...Regina was intent on serious monitoring and I kept telling her they were adults...tall, atletic Regina...exuding competence... Barbara Wade, a graduate of many years before..it had to be before 1984, came up and we had a long delightful conversation and she left her email address. She had been chief pharmacist at Smyrna, now is doing clinical work at Atlanta Medical Center, the former Georgia Baptist Hospital and is very entnusiastic about it. She is typical of the students in these classes.

Several of "my" di students came in and it was a pleasure helping them.

There was a crowd of Excutive MBA students...Florence had had bi with them..

I worked up my exercise questions for the lab Monday...

Then played quite a bit with photos I had taken on Friday of Jay and Marti and the beautiful dogwood.

Indulged in a cab all the way back to 300 Peachtree, a meal in the Chinese/Japanese rest. downstairs...and then...yes time..more time on the Internet, playing again.

Bills to pay Tax, census forms to send House to clean up Money to Phoebe Letters to Phoebe

Why not have this actually include a letter to Phoebe ?

..did get an excited call from Diane. Her all day web workshop with Kelly Carter ..she sent out the invites...got a rave response....

I filled out the registration for Calloway Gardens..must figure out how to get there now...

My Marta Photopoint Link

MARTA and me An absolute love affair. The photos here are photos that I have taken over the past couple of years of the stations. From the great nudes in the Five Point station to the wonderful exposed rock in the Peachtree Center Station.


Come Saturday Morning:
Come Saturday Morning - 2: