Why I became a Librarian

I was up at 4:30 and on the Net Not fulfilling my priorities to myself..and this is one of the things that I worte, in response to a "how did you happen to become a librarian"..thing....

I really thought I could have an effect on world peace. I took this great social studies course in a state college in Alabama (where in 1952 the teacher actually put a Harpers article on reserve "My daughter married a Negro")...and war and peace was a topic. I reasoned that if people understood about war they would stop fighting...and by reading they could do that. So...I enrolled in the undergraduate courses at the library school at Emory that summer, finished college and went right into Emory...and after over 40 years in public, academic, special and school libraries....DO NOT THINK I HAVE DONE A SINGLE THING ABOUT WORLD PEACE

When we started bombing Belfast I picked up Yugo addresses from Whowhere and in an hour was emailing with at least 10 people being bombed..and learned they did not believe what they were reading...and anyhow hated the ethnic Albanians beyond belief..

What I now see is that perhaps the stuff in libraries..whatever libraries are now..maybe the Net is just one big library...can be as harmful as helpful to world peace...

At least it was a markatable masters and I have made a nice living...and have had a great life...


Comment added ..August 14, 2000 AND...what happened on March 13 in front of all those would be librarians and my colleagues..I said this out loud

Forty years ago I became a librarian to make a difference in world peace..sitting there flanked by a public health librarian who had seen the awful things that had happened in Eth..opia, including AIDS and a Clark Atlanta specialist on refugees

and said in 40 years I had not made a difference, it had in fact been a markatable masters..and all people seemed to want to do now was take tests.

April 12, 2000

The day started fairly well with me fooling with email beginning at 4:30...getting to be standard...I did send a netgram to Phoebe.

15 minutes late to work. Trudy was getting seeing how many Micromedex computers would load, and when it was clear there were problems I asked Florence to call and ask M. for passwords...she balked at this,said she would have to ask Judith...and then..wow, Trudy made it happen.

I took over the desk for Trudy who was preparing for herpresentation on plagiarism ..at 3...and read a bombshell email from Judith ....seems I had somehow managed to send my email about my meetings not her but to the reference desk and to all the other librarians (how did this happen ?)..and she was upset about this, upset that I had made arragnements for the DEd program without asking her, and saying other librarians should go to the Pubmed training session at Emory instead of me.

I wrote a retort...fortunately drafted it without send..called her to see if I could make an appointmehnt to talk, was told she did not have time that day..and then said quickly ...could I take a vacation day or comp day for the Medline if it did not interfere with the other librarians schedules ?

I was so upset I hounded Beth and Florence...and probably worse forwarded J's email to them...and said "seems I goofed." and who wanted to go to the Pubmed training.

I did change the draft schedule so that I would be working the next Saturday after the 22nd.

Went to the estate planning session the Advancement Office put on ...the point I think is the idea that one could donate one's assets to a charity (think Mercer ?) then have an insurance policy be used to guarantee an inheritance for children..and get some good tax benefits.

At 30 to 4 attended Trudy's session...only Mary Saunders and an education teacher who teaches at Douglasville...come. Both were concerned about plageriasm. Trudy did an excellent job.

Both Judith and Diane came....

Diane thanked me several times for steering her back on track about the email from Peggy about her workshop on web design, etc. She had already managed to have a meeting with Beth and Beth, Judith, and Dwayne would address copyright, reserve, and printing issues.

At the end of the day, however, Judith came to my office and ...

well th is was what I wrote at the end of the day..and I have been feeling angry, frustrated, in a state of low self esteem....

   Message From: lucylucydear@excite.com (Lucy Luck) Date: Wed, Apr 12, 2000, 3:38pm (EDT-3) To: lucylucydear@webtv.net Subject: General anxiety 5:30 Judith came by my office

Said we needed the assignments in advance Also tried to say something about the email..I kept saying ok,ok..didn't really let her say anything. Thank goodness I never sent that draft. My ego right now is way, way down, I am feeling so inferior

Just Florence sending Kudos for Trudy about getting the passwords..it was my idea..but then Nothing has been done about the reference desk.. So..can't get the income tax forms to load..so I really am feeling a bit worried about that..and in fact it is getting late. So...

I am also wondering about how this evaluation thing is going to come out.

I really do not have a form..I have received no feed back from Judith about the collection development policy, about the form we did for Peggy...I have no idea at all about how we are proceeding. What exactly am I supposed to produce as a product for this evaluation thing. All of the data goes to Judith. Perhaps I should be asking for it now to see what I can start doing with it. I am finished with the class..perhaps I can move ahead beginning next week to put it all together. At that time I will have the data from Trudy.

I am really getting worried in general...

One approach to things can be what I might call the "Spyros Lazaris" approach. Just hang in here because I can draw a salary until they make me leave....If I get a contract this year, then I think they have to give me a year's notice after that..and actually it would not be easy I don't think to prove me incompetent..on the other hand it might. Is it Judith or is it me ? What is the actual problem ? What is wrong, Elizabeth ?

....I feel that compared to Trudy, Sally, Beth, and Florence, I am horribly inferior.

I did get most of my income tax done. That should have bouyed me up a little.

Taxi home..19.00...had spent 8.00 from the station in the morning on top of the 1.50 MARTA fair. At least I did not have to pay for lunch, which was on Mercer.


What will the day bring ?

My to do list

1. Get the paper for Thursday night ready...my talk to the students CA special libraries group on services to the Maori....

2. Taxes..stay late and between 6 and 10 GET THOSE TAX FORMS OUT, OUT. OUT....

3. Write up the Tuesday meeting ...for Judith and also forward to the other librarians.

4. Lunch with Diane ?

5. Contact Emory librarian to cancel

Is there anything else I absolutely HAVE to do today ? I am not on the desk at all...

Personal....pay some bills, really, really do that Send off request for birth certificate Make appointment to apply for SS

.... What will you be able to say about these items at the end of the day ?