April 13, 2000

April 13, 2000 Thursday

Presentation about Maori library services in NZ to Clark Atlanta students

Was up at 5:30 storing my email from Lucylucy, hoping to phase her out, but some emails from my NH friend...tended to make me want to keep going. He was up early too, could not sleep.

Checked by BJ..her strategies of getting her day going..amazing...so many caregivers needed for a person who cannot get out of bed even. She is also having to provide for her little dog Heidi.

A word to my Minn friend...he had sent an especially nice email...and photos of his granddaughter.

Plans for today

Desk 9-1 lunch ? 3 - the Awards event. Sofia would have geen one of the two people recognized on her retirement, but she did not want to come..she really did not want to see Diane Baca again. But Terry Menard is getting one of the "Spirit" awards....so I want to be there for that.

I need to be in Decatur fairly early for the SL students international meeting...so I will see about leaving a little early.

I must get my taxes finished and in the mail before then. I hope the library photocopier works....

The meeting will be at 6:30...probably last until 9 ..with food. I hope all goes well.

Then MARTA home, and tomorrow work until 2:00 and taxi to Eden's to be there when the bus comes with the children, then back here so that I can be off to work Saturday.

After seeing, really realizing what a mess I have in my office...it is something of a priority to get things straightened up. I really wish I had a good set of filing folders. Perhaps I should just buy a set for myself.

Crying on the telephone

I was on the reference desk and a call was transferred to me. I listened to crying for what seemed like five minutes before I established that it was Eden...Marti had not gotten up again, she had had to drive her to school and once there Marti clung to her and she had to "peel" her off and Mrs. Samples take her in her arms to make her stay.

Eden is total freaked out about this special treatment thing Marti has gotten. It seems the fear is that Marti will not test well at the end of kindegarten, that this special group thing is the "gateway to special ed"...and it will stay in her record forever and affect future teachers in their evaluation of her.

Eden's sense is that Marti has simply not reached a developmental point that she is ready for all this stuff..and that time will make the difference.

She wants this out of Marti's record.

It seems that the teacher did not have any specific suggestions as to what could be done, the counselor said more of the same. My inclination was to want to call the principal and to tell them they had made my daughter feel awful..and to do something about it.

I spent much of the morning talking about this...and the telephone calls went on and on....

Interesting articles in Harvard Business Review and JAMA over lunch. Two new circulation assistants talked quietly together...and Diana sat at the table with me and I introduced the JAMA article about doctors "gaming the system" to get treatment for their patients..and Diana did volunteer that her Florida gyn did that to get a routine exam covered as an exam for a suspected disease.

Eden did have good news..after we got the Marti stuff out of the way.

Rob had just gotten a raise and new job title. She and a coworker are considering applying for a job share for a NYT job offered...is downtown and could include some "short articles" as well as research. On paper they are actually overqualified, but it would get them both day hours.

John Clark and then the Special Libraries Clark Atlanta event

I spent the afternoon...listening more to Eden and then working on the paper for the Clark Atlanta event in the evening.

Had a delightful half hour with Bob Clark, former media specialist at DeKalb (now Perimeter) College and Diane..in her office..just talking...a lot of stuff. He talked about getting the first Apple for the College and he and librarian John Simpkins (whose son had been in Eden's Fernbank class and who had takend swimming at the Y with her) using it to play games...Blackgammon, etc.

About his daughter and son-in=law hiking the A. Trail.. coming home to ruburb pie..a a coincidence, another family fixing r pie at the same time across the country....and about the former Perimeter College president and his Mark Twain Act.

The ride to the DD Library with Florence Tang was an eyeopener. She talked about her own experiences in newsrooms and with emails. Seems she was a real player in the Soc.Asian Amerian one...gave as well as she got...and for a time had an obsessive mail relationship with a male studetn on the U Ill campus nearby..she only actually met twice..and whose girlfriend objected....

I was one of three speakers at the meeting which included a poem, a short speech at the end by the faculty member, and a singer who sang at the beginning and the end....was moved by the Elvis Presley songs at the end...Love me Tender, etc.

The first speaker is a public health librarian of some kind..with Emory...who had visited libraries in Ethiopia and reported on their poverty...then a man on the faculty who teaches in a program dealing with refugees...his speech was on refugees..how they are defined in the US and Africa...mine seemed too upbeat really.

Got perfuctory comments at the end....didn't really feel it had been especially significant and nobody wanted to give me an email to get my url about job swaps. I guess students who are looking to get their first jobs are not that interested in job swaps.

Amy was very "in charge"....

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