April 16, 2000

Confession time..I played with the email, storing some of my international correspondence, from 6 to 1...a crazy 7 hours of time.

Then I was so late I blew 20.00 on a cab to Eden's The fare was only 14.00, but the taxi driver had been first in line next to the Regeny and missed an airport trip most certainly.

Marti was sitting next to Aunt Bettie on the porch writing. Now that we have had all this "school" meeting stuff there is a tendency to watch Marti very closely, certainly not a good thing. I took quite a few photos, Marti with Aunt Bettie, Marti writing, Marti watering (on her own initiative) her mother's plants, and later Marti on the swing set.

She did a most unusual thing. She objected to something Jay did, said he must go to the principals' office and then went downstairs, cleared off her mother's desk and set up the "principal's office" insisting I give her a stack of blanck paper.

Both Jay and Marit played in the sun on the monkey bars, the swing..it was a lovely afternoon. Rob was mowing, a red bandana around his head.

Eden was at Jodi's virtually all day working on their newsletter, and Marti wanted her to come home. Before I left Paula came by with a check for Eden for working with her on SC. Paula was caught in the layoff and hopes to get back..maybe on SS....

Shopping Center ....

I read a Time magazine, a lot about movie celebrities...a book review about a Monica L book....

Eden gave me a ride downtown and as I walked from her office I took 2 discs of photos, and then some at Max Larger where I had a beer and some pizza.

More email stuff before bed.

Even started a web page in Tripod on Internet Addiction.

Mostly photos of Marti on the swing set in the back yard..but also one of Jay, Capital City Club, one in the library, and one of skateboarders on Peachtree


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