April 18, 2000

I spent the morning on the computer playing with the penpals stuff. I did learn a bit more about transloading and see how I can set up a Tripod or another page and transload all my stuff from the month's email. Setting the function keys is an important part of it.

Got my taxes in the mail in a very last minute way and some photos at the Post Office..one of ME and of the envelope of a lady sending a tax form to Montana. Long lines, but there may always be line like this a t lunch hour. Afterward spent more time than it would have taken to pay the bills to write out a plan (on the train) of How to pay the bills.

The first 3 hours at work were pretty wasted hours. I spent part of it just making a calendar...

Brought up the IPEDS stuff on David's disk..and promptly somehow managed to delete it. Cecelia tied to help me..learned about the recycle bin...it was GONE...but then I discovered that I was was able to retrive it from his earlier email attachment..because I could now open in in Navigator

This week ... and next...

Tuesday -desk from 1-6, then the luncheon at Bridgeston with the staff Wednesday - more desk duty and supper at Edens Thursday through Sunday - Eden's family trip to Boston Monday through Wednesday - get the focus group stuff together Thursday, Friday - SOLINET

I think that I am going to document these Judith encounters, not whether I was right or wrong.

Judith ...

At the end of the day she came to tell me about the ERM with pharmacy... 1. They want the Department Chairmen to get the lists of journals to consider for canceling. (Teri had sent me the info...do not seem to have read her email) 2 David is following through with his plan for small groups of first year students for bibliographic orientation. 3. They want to start charging for paper costs. Maybe set up the Bear Cards with so many free copies and after that charge...to get back costs from printing reserves.

After I got stuff from the machine to eat..in about an hour..she followed me into the student loung.. First

Something about an email from Sally.....thought we were arguing

Then...said that they had already analyzed the collection for business when they were working on accreditation stuff.

Had me list the things we were doing for evaluation and ...we would not finish the analyses of the theses or the theology reports before next year..also would put off until next year the evaluation..like the one that Tarver had done.

When we finished I felt...that "pit of my stomach" sense of unworthiness....give it a "name why not PISU

I had already calculated it I stayed on the job for another 3 years I would probably have 10 encounters a month with Judith...and

this would be

1. ....why did she think I was arguing with Sally? Is there something Sally has said that I do not know about ?

The evening was productive.

I was able to take Teri's lists ...sort them and then divide them according to pharmacy department...and then have almost finished adding the ranking in term of usage to them. I should have it done today and be able to send it out to the Department Chairmen by the end of the day.

(Do I need to run this by Judith ? She will not be here today.)

Taxi home, bit of tv and to sleep at a fairly reasonable hour and stayed asleep until after six.

Remembering the Burger King at Hamilton

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I don't want to do a "reply all" to your buddies, but you might want to forward my email...

This is a GREAT site..and I had a sense of deja vu..not back to the 50s..though I was THERE..but to last year ..the Burger King next door to the Polytechnic and by the cab stand (would you believe also on the other side a mall, with its own KMart ???////...

Ah, that Burger King...all the elements of this site...from the food, to the juke box..to the decor....

Only difference people behind the counter who put "u" in their words..as in honour and catalogue.... New Zealand is more 50s than the 50s I believe..but the American fifties.... And also want to send it to my boss's husband who actually has working juke box in his basement playroom (for adults)

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