From Hartsfield to Boston..then Concord, Holden and Princeton MA

I documented the trip here with photos...everything at Hartsfield from the sit and strolls waiting to board with the children (they rode back in baggage from Logan), the plane Jay and Marti took with them in the forground, one scene coming in over the water at Boston, and a few photos of Boston as we drove around in the rain.

The British gravesite at the Battle of Concord site with its Union Jack on the wreath from Patroits Day the day before, the Easter pasteries in the Cheese Shop deli case....At least one white steepled church in Concord...finally an outside shot of the Synagogue where we spent the evening with the Landow family...

Coming in over Boston Harbor

The plan

v   Message From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Sun, Apr 16, 2000, 8:13am To: Cc: Subject: Ah, my amazing daughter... I really think her true calling lies the travel business. As soon as we get back from Mass she will be planning the next travel event..and want to include as many people as she can. The night before the 4 of us all fly out on this adventure she is having 22 people over for Sadir I..Thursday night.... I will get photos...though she really hates it. Last year I videotaped Rob coming in as ...who is the prophet that they dress up as...and the children did not know who it was and Marti cried.    Message From:

  Date: Sat, Apr 15, 2000, 9:58pm To: Subject: Trip up North

Sarah Christian O'Dowd called the other night and we may try to get together with her, although it may take some fenagling to do it ... Her 65th birthday party is Saturday night, but since it's supposed to be a surprise, I don't think she can arrange to have us invited (or if she wants to).

You could try e-mailing Sarah and Meredith about trying to get together and tip off Meredith that they might invite us (Saturday night is a time when we're actually pretty free) without letting the cat out of the bag that Sarah knows about the planned SURPRISE party. I'm not sure how big it's going to be. Anyway, I wonder when else we could get together? All of Sarah's kids/grandchildren will be up, so that weekend would be a good time to get the families together again.

Well, there are always these machinations with our trips, and nothing is helped by the fact that Sandra/Rob have not worked out when we will be seeing them.

Conversely, since we don't have any firm plans, I can't see that whatever gets worked out with Sarah (if anything) would be a conflict, other than

Thursday night (Seder II). What are your plans for tomorrow (Sunday)? I'm not sure what mine are, because Jody is going to meet with the graphic artist to make final corrections and output the pages to film for the typesetter. So I may be out of pocket for the first part of the day (while M&J are at Hebrew school). How about in the afternoon? Do you want to come over for a late lunch & I'll take you home when I go to work? I'm at 404-526-7583 if you want to call me back.

From: X-Lotus-FromDomain:    AJC To: Date:    Sat, Apr 15, 2000, 10:57pm Subject:    Here's what I sent... Hi. I spoke to your mom the other night about possibly getting together again when we're up next weekend (4/20 - 4/23) visiting my husband Rob's family for Passover. His mother is in a nursing home now near Worcester and not in the Catskills anymore, so we may be up somewhat often while she's still well enough to take her out a little, etc., and to visit with the children.

I told your mom I would call her Friday morning to see what the weekend's plans were. Ours are still pretty up in the air because my sister-in-law doesn't like to do the kinds of things we enjoy. So that's still under negotiation, which as far as I'm concerned leaves me free to nail down plans with y'all, if you want to. Maybe you and Sarah can discuss it (I can't find her e-mail address on my book here).

This trip, my mother's coming too, and I thought it might be a convenient time for you and her to finally meet ... although New Zealand would have been a much more exotic locale, huh? I'm sure settled back into life there after your wild adventures on the southside of the world. Mama has gotten back to her usual routine, too, but always is on the lookout for something exciting.

Well, gotta get back to the Sunday Home edition (our great-grandfather Christian, who worked here 50 years, is watching over me and I'm sure NOT happy I'm making personal e-mails from his composing room floor) ... Bye now, Eden