Four days in Massachusetts

Land at Logan in sunlight, no idea that before the weekend was out there would be countless travelers stranded in the New England area becausea radar tower blew down. We flew out on time Sunday, four days later after

Touring the downtown Boston area from Fenwick Stadium to the Capitol building, then across the river and past MIT and Harvard to land in Concord a hour later.

We were part of a crowd that trooped up to see the Minuteman statue and grave, marked with wreath and Union Jack for several British soldiers who confronted the militia, to a cheese shop for fantastic clam chowder and a bowl of carrot soup..then on to Holden, Worcester, and Princeton MA

The Landow family, two brothers, sister, four cousins mother and three different inlaws were at the Sinah Synagogue for Seder by 6:30.

The next day a visit to Mrs. Lawdow at the Holden Nursing home by all the family. Chinese food and later the twins went to their cousins' for fun...make up on the top bunk for Marti and Dana....while Eden and I went back to Concord to see the L.M Alcott home. There was a clock and two tables exactly like ones she had inherited from her grandmother.

A final trip back to Mrs. Landow with a special cheese cake made with Mazza from the Cheese store..then to Megs for a second night in her delightful house.

Saturday saw two more meals with Mrs. Landow. She cam e to Meg's for a salmon meal, then an hour drive through Worcester and a 4 30 movie at an amazing 16 screen theatre with valuable old movie posters, games, candy, and a cartoon, Road to Eldorado...with a sadly anti indigenous American theme.....patronizing, perhaps rather than anti....

Another Chinese meal for Mrs. Landow before sleep.

We plotted a trip to Old Ironsides, but instead spent the morning cleaning up, packing...then a final goodbye to Mrs. Landow...and we headed back to Boston on the Turnpike....Rainy, cold....left the Buick Rivera at Alamao ....the shuttle to Logan, and after the remains of the Chinese meal at the food court..where Rob and I shared a cherry beer from the Sam Adams tavern in the airport...we caught our Delta plane back to Hartsfield.

We had seen many white high steepled churches, the outside of the Paul Revere home, and Beacon Hill brownstones...and in Holden at least 3 martial arts parlors....

Goodbye New England...for the moment

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This was the sequence from Thursday the 22nd

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