April 25, 2000...Mercer 9-6

After waking at 5:30 and playing with the Internet for 3 hours I got off to work, and arrived only 10 minutes after nine. Not good.

On the way I did pick up the AJC and forwarded pages to Trudy and Dean Matthews..one, an obit about a man names Palmour in College Park who had a coffee business....I recalled his family was connected with the Crenshaws from SCP early history...and given the entree of Walgreens...45 new stores...into Atlanta...I walked over the stats page AJC had put together about numbers of chain stores in Atlanta.

Diane caught me getting out of my cab (cabs back and forth from the station...15.00, then 5.00 for food at Mercer and an additional 22.00 for supper and then 3.00 MARTA tokens and fifty cents for the AJC...that's the way the money goes...) and showed me the article on Webtv in Modern Maturity.

Spent the morning productively putting together details of the ASLC meeting for the 18th of May. While on the desk.

Had run into Cynthia while getting coffee and cheese grits in the cafeteria, and learned that she was teaching a class on Frontpage that afternoon and had only 2 signed up. Was able to swap desk duty with eth Perry and take the class...for the second time. Also purchased a copy of the Frontpage 2000 disc..about 60 dollars.

It was a chance to learn more about one of our new assistants in circulation... So far..have observed her reading Tess of the D..villes in the staff lounge. Now discover she is a Bryn My..graduate with a degree from the University of Mississippi. Ah, our overeducated circulation staff. Nice brown eyes, short hair.

I hope I am getting a better feel for Frontpage..

At lunch Sally M. revealed that she and Judith had attended a rather expensive workshop on communication for managers..which they did not find useful.

Still worried about Eden and Rob's difficulties over Sandra during the trip, and the way it seemed to cast an real unpleasantness over what was in fact a very satisfactory visit. Sort of "pit of the stomach" uneasiness.

Ended the day with overpriced Chinese food and a glass of wine downstairs while reading Creative Loafing.

Letters to Phoebe and Al

Dear Phoebe and Al

Having started to write I want to be consistant.

A little about my day yesterday.

It was typical of my years at Mercer. A nine to six day.

I am responsible for hosting a meeting of health science librarians at Mercer on May 18. I called around and started arranging for the program. This meant getting a mailing list together to send out invitations, an agenda for the meeting, seeing that the secretary would send me the minutes and arranging for the room, food and signs to direct them to the campus when they get here.

In the afternoon I took a computer class on making webpages.

It was a very slow time at the Library, because we are now having exams and classes are just about over. There will be four graduations starting Saturday and I will have to go to each, because I must carry the mace.

I hope all is well with you.

This weather is chilly for May.

Much love, Your mother...grandmother.

An email Eden forwarded from our hostess Meg

   Message From: elandow@ajc.com Date: Tue, Apr 25, 2000, 4:40pm To: echristian@webtv.net, rdl7@cdc.gov Subject: Re: TRIP

So pleasant to get a nice e-mail from an old friend. ---------------------- Forwarded by Eden Landow/OPS/NEWS/AJC/US on 04/25/2000 04:37 PM --------------------------- Meg Hoey on 04/24/2000 03:23:21 PM To:   Eden Landow/OPS/NEWS/AJC/US cc: Subject: Re: TRIP


        I didn't recognize the place! You certainly know how to be house guests. The gift was extremely thoughtful and I really appreciate it. I assumed you would be making phone calls etc. and how would we know that it was Marti and not one of my children with 500 imaginary boo-boos so they can use the Band-Aids.

  I am assuming that you got out of Logan. Our second flight was canceled and we finally got on a Northwestern flight to Minneapolis and then to Boston. 15 hours door to door. We got home at 2:15 last night. I kept the kids home today since Mark was off. What a trip.

I hope the Seder etc. worked out for you. The weather was the pits or so I hear. Talk to you soon meg

(we had a great time but now that I am back my head is once again imploding from work, children and when will I learn that I don't have to do everything)