April 26, 2000

Front Page

I started to make a home page for the Assessment and Evaluation stuff, and got really into it during the morning. I had actually taken the class Sheila taught in 1998, but none of it seemed to have "stuck". This time I kept going back to the book to see if I could really learn stuff, even looked at the little quizes.

Nice lunch with Diane

We went to her house and she fed me a delightful meal with a roast, carrots, a spinich patty and orange juice with a bit of cake at the end. I read through her final report for her Masters degree. She has send it in and is awaiting comments. The point was to see if a program for new faculty to introduce them to technology could be effective...the result was that in fact they did not come to the workshops she put on while senior faculty did. She looked at constraints.

Later she told me that she had applied for jobs at Emory and five different institutions in Florida. How will I feel when she is gone ? Will I feel terribly alone ?

Faculty meeting

The Dean reported on the School of Nursing...said that the President met with him several times..my sense was that the President was really looking to him for direction...maybe Matthews is having trouble responding....The President seems to have asked the Dean about his feeling about the head of the School of Nursing.

He read out promotions...3 promotions, and stuff about grants, etc. people had gotten.

Beth spoke on Copyright

Afternoon, evening

Judith came by my office at the end of the day (inher hat..why does she wear that hat ?)...and told me there had been a badge for me at the meeting, that she had not given me "permission" to go to the copyright workshop, only to the SOLINET meeting...I apologized, said I would repay the University...she then said maybe it was Olivia...but then when again I said it was my fault, I just signed what she gave me...and Judith said " a twenty-one year old...".

Later I was a bit irritated to discover that she had actually had Olivia figure out and post on Commons our vacation days in hours ...all the librarians. That she had the time to do something like this.

Judith seems obsessed with our time schedules, somehow.

Well, we all have quite a bit of vacation time left...I emailed her and said just let the others select and I would work mine around them.

What am I going to do about this obsession about JB...and my feelings. Everytime I see her I want to run the other way and get away from her now. This is not good for me.

Contract letter

There is was, one more year, same wording...and $50,000.00 ...which if I can get the SS going should give me enough money to pay off those pesky credit cards...and on to some kind of good budget.


Beth went home sick, so I stayed the rest of the evening. I went over the IPEDS and got a feel for how they could be handled.

Judith came by

The Gale Free Library in Holden facinated me, and I had wanted to go in but in the end was only able to get a few photos as we left town. I have found the library home page and will send the photos to the Director. Looks like a really terrific place.



Gale Free Library Holden MA: