In addition to my email to BJ..

April 28,2000

The final Solinet speaker was the librarian from MIT...and she pointed out the effect the copyright laws, really written for the entertainment industry would likely have on "fair use" which lets libraries really help scholars in need of materials. She also spoke of the blurring of lines between libraries, publishers, and people began to receive "just in time" books and materials from digitized files.

Lunch at Ruby Tuesday, a copy of AJC...and up PDL to Pineblook. Eden was thrilled about the number of cook books she had been able to sell for her Jr. League Committee..out on the Pinebloom porch, and I was quickly pressed into action.

Later...after I went to their house...watched Marti finally count to counting white chocolate chps...(would like to videotape it later)...delightful.

I was so tired..slept in Eden's bed, and then she and the children joined me....Rob, Eden and I watched Viva Los Vegas...a lot of Elvis and Ann Margaret...and then they brought me home....


   Message From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Sat, Apr 29, 2000, 12:33am To: (BJ) Cc: Subject: Bears, mansions, and my past

Great 24 hours. When the first day of the library meeting was over yesterday I ventured over to Lenox, the FOSchwartz toy store, and left with 3 of my "ballet dancers" a little doll, an interesting (will send photos later) floppy character doll ih tutu and huge toe shoes...and this delightful teddy bear...(I will send another letter with another photo showing the tutu and slippers.

Her expression is delightful. Well, that was not the end of it. I went on the web and started looking for dolls...the Russian one, very expensive, lot of Barbies, but I did place several ecommerce orders, including a black barbie ballerina, and a wooden headed Sleeping Beauty made by a family that has been in dancing and now seems to be selling things related to dance.

So...some interesting things to come in the mail. I don't know why I started collecting these, but I have over 50 now, including an 2 elephants, a pig, hippo..mus, 4 bears, several dolls, including a nutcracker (I can get a third..there is a Barbie...), and quite a few I bought at Macys' which are Christmas tree ornaments, and a series Eckerd sold that were stuffed animals, including a poodle. What am I going to do with them ? For one thing, I am going to get photographs and then make a web site...this might be interesting. I also got quite a few links to add. Of course there are a lot of things on Ebay.

The meeting today was interesting, and what an afternoon. The Druid Hills tour of homes is going on and my daughter volunteered for me to " docent" for Pinebloom, a mansion that was only years in the family...built by the president of the Georgia Power Company, whose wife had been the daughter of a Georgia senator and governor. They only lived in it from 1914 to 1946, and then it became a radio station locale for the Georgia Baptist's first radio program, a church took it and built a church adjoining...and now it belongs to the Christian Index and their editorial offices are upstairs. I cannot photograph the interior, but will send photos of the exterior. It is a long story, but we lived up the street during WWII..we were in the garage apartment, but the family next door were part owner so Stone Mountain..and had a real mansion......again, long story, and now it too is a church, as is the Asa Candler house where we lived. My own family owned property near by from just after the Civil War before the street was our roots in the area really predate these mansion. I found that Eden had volunteered me because they let her sell her Junior League cookbooks if she would provide volunteers....hard to do, and I was an easy touch. I will carry the mace in the pharmacy graduatation tomorrow and then come out to show people through the house for another four hours. There will be a lot of people on Saturday. Well....long email. Have a good one, Elizabeth