April 3, 2000

After a total day of cybering on Sunday and up late into the evening..much later than I had expected, I broke down and took a taxi to work. $25.00. Hurriedly finished my assignments for the lab, took them to the photocopier, and went over them briefly with the residents and Beth Perry. I had arrived at 10:00 so was really neither early or late, since I was supposed to work at night. Called about references for our potential "Assistant Director for Public Services". The reference had only worked briefly with her on their migration to Gil. I sent this as follows to Judith. Neither Beth or Florence feel she has sufficient experience.I talked to Claire Colombo this morning. Leigh spent some time at the UGA library helping them migrate to Gil. Since Southern Tech had gone first Leigh was able to explain the migration process to them. Claire said that Leigh had a good grasp of the system, explained things well and was willing to share her knowledge. WHAT I WROTE TO JUDITH ............. Since she had never worked with her in a library Claire was unable to describe her supervisory or technical capabilities. She had no first hand experience with Leigh's "punctuality, frustration level, or technical expertise" beyond her assistance with Gil. She did say that she would hire her. ............. A last lunch with Sofia and Diane at Galaxy. I hugged Sofia as we parted. She was going to have to stay until 4:30, already saying she no longer felt needed. My labs did not go well, and both the residents and Beth looked unhappy. I went over the Loansome Doc requests that had come in and called people who had not had them printed out. Now fiddling with web pages, did a bit on questions for tomorrow. A bit down about the labs.