April 9, 2000


I spent the day with Eden

An expensive ride..I gave the taxi driver 20.00 because he had missed an airport trip..was parked down on Baker St.

Eden and Rob came home from time at Eden's friend Jodi's and had a knockdown fight ..Eden accused R of not wanting to watch the children at Jodis...it was unpleasant...I tried to get in the middle an Rob said stay out..and it bothered Jay so much he (dressed in this Pokemon yellow P..che costume) lay down on his bed and cried.

More unpleasantnes ..BN again said send Phoebe money so she would not come.just show up..BN does not like her there...and Phoebe had gone out the night before to Underground....

She had brought some educational tapes and stuff for J and M.

In the end Eden went off to work and Rob ..about to cry himself...said leave her alone..her self esteem was low....

Spent the night..so I could get Phoebe off to the bus station at 6 and I could get to work in time to deal with this lab and web page thing I was concerned about on Monday.

A lot of afternoon TV..history of golf stuff, Bobby Jones bio (he is the most aplauded man)...and then the end of the Masters...yes, hung in there through all the commericials to the end.

Comments, rereading this five months later.

Actually Jay and Marti have used the educational materials that Phoebe brought. It was a thoughtful present. She likes to bring presents to people. I remember how awful I was to her when she bought me a lipstick with money she made when she got a shortlived job cleaning at night...I threw it across the room and accused her of wasting money. How terrible of me.

Phoebe likes to buy people cards for special occasions and writes sweet appreciative notes to me. Why can't I be a better mother to her ?