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. ReplyReply AllForwardDeleteClose Next Message Move Message To:      From: echristian@webtv.net (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 05:55:05 -0400 (EDT) To: dogb@webtv.net Cc: ecchristian@dcemail.com, echristian@webtv.net Subject: Playing with Tripod and photos and thought I would start off with a "photo of the day"...a photo lifted from Ebay of one of my dolls..this is Tania, a Seymour Mann doll http://members.tripod.com/~lucylucydear/25taniadoll2.jpg Yesterday was a terrific day. Three of us went up to a wonderful library in Smyrna Georgia to check out their wireless technology. Florence, who does our IT stuff, had actually met the librarian who set it up at ALA in Chicago where he did a presentation. The idea is to have computers in the library get on line through what are really radio signals. You have one hardwired computer, and then can link laptops It takes 1. Software loaded into the computer 2. A special IP address in addition to the one you already have 3. A card that can be taken in and out easiliy..but costs right now $450.00.

Then people can go all over the building... Ironically the one in the librarian's office was hooked into a power station because his battery was not working...but then if you have plenty of electrical outlets..which libraries may or may not have. It was a beautiful library....interesting teppee kinds of sections of the building with high roofs and stacks that went in circles...and an oldfashioned typewriter (well not THAT old fashioned) in a "typing room".

I looked around at the books and wondered how long they would actually be there.

There was a terrific teddy bear exhibit..lots of the St..s...the expensive, famous ones....in the library...I took a few photos...not very good because of the reflection...

Home and stopped off at Peachtree Center..and wanted a book to read at lunch. At the Dalton bookstore I bought a book on Cuba...though it is still illegal to travel without special permit from the US...there were 4 on the shelf...then settled into a downstars bar, grill..lots of neon advertising beers, darkish...and started reading... There is a medical library meeting in Cuba in April...I got some email about this group that is sending out lst world people to 3d world countries to help with technology..I can submit a poster paper, which I am going to do. Eden wants to go with me, and I think can get a permit to cover the meeting as a reporter for the AJC..she doesn't want to do that, but who knows....

Came in early to wait for Mr. Lalor, our plumber..so much "our" plumber that Eden has his telephone number memorized. My kitchen sink drain had come apart....His wife does drapes and will make some for me...but after we get our windowschanged out in the condo. We are paying an assessment for this. Mine are OK...but I understand some others are pretty bad.

While on the ballet kick, before I got into international dolls and First Ladies...I bout a book by Julie Kavanaugh about Frederick Ashton...had never heard of him.....started reading. Still into all of the 20s fabulous life in England..London, I guess....not much about dancing yet... Seems they did a lot of drugs along with being very clever. Put off hosting the Thirsty Thursday until October....cleaning would be beyond me at this point, I think. Also I dont have a porch, which would be terrific for a party. I keep regretting that I did not get a porch when I bought the condo, but then a porch would have meant a minuscule kitchen. And then half the year you cannot use them...

Today is Eden's birthday...I must send flowers. I am going to give my old Mavica to her and Rob for a joint birthday present..if I can find all of the parts.

My, how I have run on... Elizabeth