This is a ballet duck that I have paid for and am expecting shortly in the mail from an Ebay participant. I am expecting 50 more packages, assuming I get the bids, but now most of them will be books, not dolls or stuffed animals.

I am working on a page for my international dolls and then will work backwards and do pages for the ballet items and the First Ladies.To what end ? Probably just my own satisfaction.


I keep going back to my plan, the plan that I absolutely do not seem able to keep.

5:15 - get up

5:15 - 5:45 - eat...fruit, cereat and powdered milk

5:45-6;00 - walk to PCAC

6:00- 7:30 - workout

7:30 - 9:00 - MARTA and walk to Mercer

9:00 - 5:30 - work Mercer, with a half hour for lunch fruit, milk, raw veg that you take with you

5:30 - 7:00 - home

7:00 - 8:30 - swim PCAC

8:30 - 9:00 - supper of milk, veg, fruit

9:00 - 9:30 - email,other Webtv stuff

9;30 bed

And during this time take all prescription drugs planned drink 8 glasse of water see that you get something in the mail to Phoebe leave a call for Eden

So...If you do all this you will not be doing any of the stuff you did this weekend..which consisted of spending all of that time on Ebay, Yahoo auctions, etc...

Would you feel like a better person if you did this ? Of course. Naturally.

You would also not have time to drag in all of the STUFF that you have drug in over the past 3 months.

Now that you have it you could take your time orgainizing it...

Now...get some change and washing powder from the litle store downstairs, wash your clothes.all those Sag Harbor dresses that have become a uniform for the summer..and get with it.You will need to be at Mercer by 1:00 pm for work.

Other ideas...

Plan to work Monday nights and then arrange for the next year to

Get off at 1:00 on Fridays and spend Friday night and Saturday mornings with Eden. Then take the noon bus Saturdays to Rome and spend Saturday evening and all day Sunday with Phoebe. Arrange to go to church with her on Sundays at the Episcopal church and to attend some local event whenever possible Saturday night and Sunday night. If it can be something at the RHA all the better.

Arrange for someone to come in and clean on Saturday evenings if possible.

Also plan on several regular 3 day vacation slots during the year so that you can get Phoebe started on some dental work, which she needs so desperately.

Write yourself a list of AA type reminders..and stick with them...little sayings you have heard over the years

Vanessa - "fruit is portable" the water aerobics man - "movement is the celebration of life"

maybe your own..."what comes in must go out"..about clutter..and right now look at all of these cans around you...candy bar wrappers.

Well, off to get that change and money to wash clothes...and

When will you start this program ?

You will be in late Monday night and have some stuff to clean up...don't make it Tuesday, but start on Wednesday, for sure.

And get a personal trainer...

Also think....who are the important people in your attention to them..not all the other peole who you are constantly wondering

"do they like me ?", "why don't they speak to me ?"...all those things that you were beating yourself up about back in the third grade...even NYC at the Horace Mann kindegarten. This would be an essay in did you get to this point ?"

First Lady Doll Correspondence

   Message From: Date: Mon, Aug 28, 2000, 10:20am To: Subject: Re: Brinn's dolls

Hi, I have Julia Gardner Tyler,Jane Irwin Findlay,Martha Jefferson Randolf,Sara Childress Polk,Abigail Smith Adams,Louisa Johnson Adams,Emily Tennessee Donelson,Elizebeth Kortright Monroe,Betty Taylor Bliss,Dolly Payne Madison,Martha Custis Washington,all mib with papers,two kinds were made the ones with the Brinn's face,and porcelain sculpted head,and face,mine are the first kind.

I can send you a picture of one to see if these are the ones you want,but it will be later today.


I will take a photo of my small collection and email you when I get in from work tonight..will be 11ist....

I bought my first in an antique store a month ago and picked up more on Ebay...and also have started reading a lot about the First Ladies..also bought some books...

I am in touch with someone who collects the Suzanne Hancock ones...I bought one of those, and have an Effeebee Truman (HIM) coming...he will be very much the cock of the roost with all those women.

I just read Margaret Truman's book...She interviewed the living first ladies, and the Trumans seemed to have been invited back frequently for dinners, etc.

They were and are all such interesting ladies....It will be interesting to see who our next one is. Both Laura and Tipper seem up to the job.

I am going to do a web page as soon as I get the one for my intenational dolls better underway. (I am not a very fancy page maker..have always used Tripod. )

Well, as you can see, This Atlanta ladyof 66 "does go on"...