And now obsessed with the President's Wives...and Why ???

Here I am totally obsessed since Friday when I purchased 7 dolls at an antique the company of Trudy Kelly...and now want to get a set....

First it was the

Ballet stuff...still coming in the mail

then the international dolls...still coming in the mail

....and now.....

President's wives....

What I just wrote to a fellow collector who I met on Ebay...

Somebody really wanted that book....I bid it up to 10.00 and then stopped.

This is a rather bad set of photos I took yesterday, but wonder if they are good enough for you to help me

Picture no 1 left to right

1. ? 2. Mamie E 3. ? 4. Donelson 5. ? 6. Bess 7. Mrs. Polk (my favorite)

On Ebay I have found offers and photos of Brinn's Bliss Madison Taylor

have gotten the bids for Washington Adams Monroe Randolp (Jefferson)

You said that there were 12 in the series...Brinn's who are they ?

Thanks. Elizabeth