Really simplying your life

1. Food 2. Think out before you think in 3. Relationships - they take time 4. The job

Think out before you think in

Whenever you purchase something, get something in the mail, pick up a freebie from a street newspaper vending box, think of it as a physical object to take up space in the environment that you are responsible for...and then take action.

How long will you have it ? How much space will it take ? Where is it going to go ? How will you get rid of it ?

Now...let me start with examples...My condo is a mess...too much stuff all over the place....and what do I need to do with it ?

List what I see coke cans a coffeee cup magazines papers

The first step is going to be to simpley get stuff in stacks by what it is....or in sacks for immediate disposal in the trash...

Back in awhile...