Inventorying purchases just for January through May 2000

A way of dealing with clutter, perhaps....Find out what you have actually added to your living space...

What did I buy this year ?


Decatur...January lst

Decatur sweat shirt (now hanging on the wall)

2000 pin, Decatur ( and I need to replace the back on this.)

(I also need to store it...)


San Antonio

there were the 3 makeup boxes in the Department store at the mall in San Antonio.. I kept going back and back and back and then bought them....

...they were objects that absolutely facinated me....

..and then I had to purchase a little bag to take them home, adding to my purchases

The ring "the ring"...and I have really enjoyed it and gotten a lot of compliments on it.... in a store window I actually charged it I believe...

( not sorry about that)

ballet costume and monkey beanie..and second add to my ballet collection..again at the same mall (actually, I hade a little dislay in the living room with the 2 stuffed animals I got from NZ, the kiwi I bought before leaving at the airport...a litle bear in rain gear I had just purchased across the street at Peachtree Center...and the bear book I had also bought at Dalton' to it.

...I have photographed this arrangement several makes me feel good, looking at them...

something to put stamped out nickles in the museum ...Alamo

a ref...magnet from San Antonio

February Macy's...a big think of makeup...lots of brushes, eye shadow, 4 lipsticks, a case...that zippers

more makeup ...3 more sets....

March ..Dollar Store with Aunt Bettie

5 toy bunnies 2 little "carts with eggs" as decorations

May Dollar Store trip with Aunt Bettie

3 little dolls..very little, in car seats.

...after the Solinet meeting... Trip to Lenox..and then internet shopping later...actually 9 baller dolls and a bear


2 ballet books for children 1 book on thehistory of stuffed bears

April..garage sale at the church in Decatur after graduation

toy cat 2 children's books book on doll collecting 4 picture frames including one that is in fact a photo album set of black pen/pencil set (does not work..will have to buy the inserts) Grandpa's photo album (give anonymously to CPAC ? 4 wooden bowls from Thailand

April purchase in Decatur

world glove paperweight


mother's day gift from Eden

purple candle little "teddy bear" photo album plaid boxes

May..and excursion to Macy's up the street

rings...purple, aqua, 2 pins....multicolored, aqua

March through May - clothes

5 loose blazers ..Sag Harbor.. black beige red blue pink

6 Sag Harbor 2 piece dresses 3 Sag Harbor shift dresses (that do not seem to fit right now)

bag make up dases - 3, one purple ring ..San Antonio 5 bunnies, toy 1 toy cat 9 ballet dolls/bear 2 more rings, 2 pins (Macy's)


bears 12 ballet dolls

ornaments for house

set of Thai bowls 4 photo frames earth globe paperweight gift from Eden Teddy bear book candle...purple covered boxes, plaie


More stuff that you bought so far January through May

a diary for keeping a record of 2000...much like may others

uncounted numbers of discs for the Mavica

20 rings from Diane..her mother had collected over many years....

littlt stuffed the Greyhound station

watch...(and now you have lost the little brown piece that goes around the top..and you do not want to use it anymore.)

a lot of magazines, including Travel and Leisure and library issues....

countless more paris of stockings...

a lot of greeting cards at the garage sale at the church in Decatur...