June 23, 2001

It's been a roller coaster week. Judith came back and immediately started checking on the schedule and somebody said Brent had been dissatisfied because of having to work the Monday night after I came back (Lindsay had told me NOT to come in) and in the end Judith had Brent in to what he said was "tattling" on me. I got mad at Judith...and then steamed a lot. Don't know what the story is on Lynette...Judith had Lindsay write an email that she had been told by her doctor to stay home, and the date July 5 was out there....coming back. Then Judith told Florence to have Beth take care of checking on librarians vacations, etc...odd as Lynette would be back as soon as Beth was back.

Well I got over it.

Last night I left my pocketbook at the Chinese Resturant...and did not realize it until this morning. More Ebay stuff..and more and more and more..yes, must absolutely stop. Now am settling for pictures. Had I stayed with pictures I would have a lot more money now.

Feeling really "gooky"..my enthusiasm over the history has evaporated and am not looking forward to seeing about Phoebe next week.

I did enjoy Tuesday afternoon at Venetian in the pool with Jay and Marti and for a time with Eden. Just throwing a ball was fun.

Then after awhile she was back on speaking terms and actually asked me for ideas for her tuition waiver.

Did the PDA survey with some new software and actually got it out to a lot of the faculty and a few students. (Three students). It seems easy for them to take,and for a price I can download it into Excel, etc.

Years gone by

This time last year:


Quotation from last year:

"I had forgotten to call about the ad for the Assistant Director, but it turned out OK. The secretary was able to tell me that though Sandy was on vacation, and there was a question of where the 900.00 for the AJC and 200.00 for the CHEd were coming from...Diane Baca had approved it...and after dealing with some question of wording we could run it. I called Beth Hammond...the issue was the "middle 40's" salary....then off it went. We can expect a lot of inquires next week, I imagine.(Great..I didn't goof after all)" Yes this was what I wrote last year...and what happened

Lynette took the job..seemed perfect, and now is getting a divorce and Judith is being very vague, or really talking two ways...actually implying she may not be coming back. I called Lynette last night, did not say anything, just that I hoped she was OK and wanted to let her know that..then hung up...

So, what's going on ?

She missed some reference hours and did not call in. I think Sally complained to Judith and then Judith had L in her office and maybe even treated her like she does me..though I can hardly believe that. My mind running ahead..suspicious..Lynette had a reaction to Judith of some kind and that is something of what is going on. Lynette did hurry to get the reference schedule out in a hurry.