Other perspectives on clutter

A year's purchases, mine:


Any time management lecture, course, behavior modification program begins with the evils of clutter. Paper in our present society is the biggest clutterer, but it is now possible to find clutter in computer files that defies the worst paper clutter.

But in my life there are other kinds of clutter. Ther is the mental clutter of the news that current media makes worse. My senses and mind are cluttered with information about murders, highway tieups, elections where minor candidates who will never win have an inordinate amount of space in front of my eyes. I have not even gotten to advertising. I read advertisements for items that I would never purchase.

Get rid of the clutter and there is life. LIFE. Every day, even every hour a view of a cloud filled sky, a blooming plant, even the wasp that made its way across my computer keyboard yesterday, and lived to fly another day.

What is to be done.

I think that I will have a new rule in my life now.

At the very time something comes INTO my private space, meaning my office at work and my home, which right now is at 300 Peachtree St. Atlanta, Georgia...12-E...I will make a plan for its exit, eiher now or in the future. I could be thinking of gifts, perhaps. Thinking of trash. Yes even the Salavation Army thirft shop...from which it came.