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Let me start by explaining about "historic Druid Hills"..and I will try to find a web page....The Coca Coca Candler family built a lot of real mansions in the area...and one of them is now used by the county as an Arts Center. The wife of the Candler son who buildt that house, was very active in the Georia garden clubs, so the green house of the origninal house is managed by the Federation and available to local garden clubs.

That is where my daugher's neighborhood garden club had its spring luncheon...a lot of ladies, including the former president of Agnes Scott College and a number of older women who were actualy founding development really only started in 1947, just after WWII. [It was probably an historic meeting as it was the one when they announced that they would indeed start a web page.]

I talked to one lady who lives on our street...and suggested I might do a notebooks with photos of each house (it is a short street) and who lived my father's second cousin had done for her street...and had published by the Atlanta Historical Society.

Anything to have an excuse for my photography. (Eden aspires to the presidency) There were even 5 men there, including Eden's husband. ....

So...luncheon catered by Margie's may remember my Mother's day web page..Eden and I had a MD breakfast there....usual hugh big strawberries, a pasta salad... [I made a web page for this on another diary page..]

The program was a tape recorded session of having people remember things...and even controversial things. They had once put up barriers on the roads to prevent through idea to stop racial integration. And while the area is very near an area that went black very early....a railroad track is a big divide... as are the prices of the house and also the fact that families have tened to "white flight" as occurred so often.

[They commented on the MARTA station bringing crime to the area, but then I aske how many people liked having MARTA close and the Agnes Scott former president said it was a deciding factor in her decision to move there.]

Then we picked up the twins and went out to Lilburn (what a name) and visit to a game farm around the corned from the couple's house....Rich had gone to Emory with Rob, then lived in a bachelor pad of 5 guys (who all married the same year..sometimes to girls met through other mates)....Rich has two adorable little girls.He and Doreen live in one of those houses on a cul de sac...very spiffy and brand new when they bought it almost 10 years ago.

The "ranch" was interesting..and just right for the kids..but also the adults. It was in the woods, did not smell all that great, but claimed "larges herd of buffalo east of the Miss"..probalby jnot right but there were a lot of them...things like foxes, cougers, peacocks, a single skunk...deer everywhere, some interesting Vietnamese pigs,very low on the ground, that the sign said came by way of Canada...The rabbits were favorites for the children...

Afterwards a traditional cookout of hotdogs and hambergers, and the children played in a large downstairs playroom....the same toys that they had at home..and lots of them. It was interesting to see how good Rich was with his little girls 3 and 4.....little blonds. His wife is an audiologist and works Saturdays for the convenience of customers, so he seems to have a regular stay at home dad role on Saturdays, much as Rob does when Eden works all she does 3 nights a week...

They had an awful gossip session later, talking about the other former classmates and what the New Zealanders would call "flatmates"..and their wives...I knew some of them and kept taking up for them.

Also learned something interesting about our econmy from Doreen, Rich's wife. She said that her mother had recently moved to Atlanta to be with her (either with a new husband or boyfriend...ah, our generation..) and had sold her house in Dunkirk NY, near Buffalo for only $11,000.00 to an immigrant family. Doreen said in the eralyh 80's the town ..a manufacturing town, I presume....had had its population drop almost 75 %..when she finished school she left at once because there was not work there at all. Things are no better almost 20 years later. Which took the conversation to the economy...and the stock market (Rich is an auditor for a large local bank)...and it was interesting as we talked about investing Doreen said that many of the people she works with..probably related to hearing aids)...are women in their 90s...and she supports their somewhat more aggressive investing...given their life spans....

On the say home Eden sang "'Turn around" to the children..the song about the little girl growing up so quickly...and we talked about our trip planned for Michigan.

I caught MARTA home from the Decatur station...and as I walked the 5 blocks from the subway to my condo....consciously reveled in the sight... Five horse drawn carriages passed me with tourits looking up at the tall buildings. The Capital City Club porch was full of members at tables with a small jazz combo putting out music over Peachrree....

Neon everywhere.... It was just great...slightly muggy.... Ended the day with the Britcoms...Keeping up Appearances which just go on and on and have no educational value....

Longer email than you probably want....will attach it to the diary page.... After all...there is the delete button. Best wishes, Elizabeth

Rich Petty's daughter Rachel at the game ranch near her home

Places of the day with their own websites

Callenwolde: When one of the Candler boys who lived there in the 20s went to Emory he would board the street car across the street, that my father was riding to the university himself..all the way from Fair Oaks
Yellow River Game Ranch:
Georgia Garden Club Federation: The Parkwood club announced plans for its own web page. It can link here later
What happened to Dunkirk, Dorene's home town ?: This explains much of what happened. The fate of the railroad

Some of Eden's neighbors and long time members of the Garden Club