Still staying up all nigh

Another night-morning when I huddled with my webtv and just kept on keeping on...letting the time drift by..2,3,4,5,..hardly any sleep. This has become a habit since I returned from NZ...and one I want to break and am not really getting going on it. The wonders of having all that just be alone in the early hours with all the goodies on the web, all the people out there...

As usual..and it is being coming more and more usual...I let the last minutes from 7 to 8 slip by, and when I did get a quick bath, brush to my teeth, one of the Sag Harbor dresses and nothing got me to the station by 8:20 and then I was fifteen minutes late.

I had forgotten to call about the ad for the Assistant Director, but it turned out OK. The secretary was able to tell me that though Sandy was on vacation, and there was a question of where the 900.00 for the AJC and 200.00 for the CHEd were coming from...Diane Baca had approved it...and after dealing with some question of wording we could run it. I called Beth Hammond...the issue was the "middle 40's" salary....then off it went. We can expect a lot of inquires next week, I imagine.(Great..I didn't goof after all)

Spent much of the morning on the desk, again, working with my survey. It appears that the aol addresses are not working...does it have to do with Excite address itself.

Cab to Eden's and met the school. bus...Aunt Bettie also came..and an afternoon of a lot of sleep..probably making up for the morning. I felt really out of it...

Eden had had a spate with BN about the trip..AB threw a lot of cold water on Eden's plans...and it seems to have ended up with BN really letting her have a barrage of insults...and then Eden called me...and her voice let me feel her pain over discouraged..working hard at AJC editing both the book and doing her regular job...

Marti and Jay got the crafts books out and Jay drew and cut out a paper airplane from a plate.

Rob fixed a nice hamburger supper..the Jay wanted to go out, even though it was play field hockey....He did get Marti out to stand by what was a pretend goal post...and then got off on a long story about being bitten by a racoon...cutting off its paws and burying it in the yard...and Marti seemed to take the story seriously, asking for more and more details.

Not feeling really well at all...perhaps I should do something..I am not sure, thought exactly what.

Well, that's not exactly true. I should go to the doctor for a checkup..and resist, because I am afraid of bad news.

Train back ...then some CNN tv....a reflection on news of the past..OJ coverage, Monicagate coverage, a mention of P.Di's death....

Not a bad exhaustion..on the couch.


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