Compulsive Shopping

A Sunday of procastination...I did not got to Mercer to finish the poster paper. Now I have a short two days to do it...a very close finish. I don't think that Teri sent out my perhaps we can do something inhouse...

I don't think it matters that much...I only hope there won't be any Mercer people show up...

What I did do were

1. Go out and take 4 discs of photos of the start of the Gay-L parade...everyone willing to pose. Spoke to a gal from Macon about Mercer...she said she had marched in Macon...had gotten a masters degree from Mercer....and that here was some faculty member who had been supportive..then backed off..Not that Mercer has been proactive in this area..

Also spoke to one of the gals with the Agnes Scott float

A number of people running for office in cars..second tier people

2. Spent a lot of time writing checks and trying to get the Ebay thing finished up...before I leave. I had gotten compulsive the day before at Peachtree Center Mall..bought a Boyd and and a Ty teddy..and then a black wedding couple..eyes closed, mouths puckered..couldn't resist.

3. Excited as my bids either came through or fell through...

4. Read a bit from a retirement issue of a Kiplinger magazine I had picked up. There is not a lot I don't know..but it seemed to have some good stuff.

5. Telephone call ..talked to Eden Bird. She was in Illinos about to show her house to a couple of buyers...hoping to sell and get out of Illinios..with homes in Tennessee and Florida waiting... Her take on people at the reunion..maybe a bit Lundy Lenoir who played at the chapel service was still apologizing for her divorce, how Phyllis Hetrick showed a silent video of LL's performance at St. M...just after they had seen it, and bored, at least her..with Kiki Petro...long dea...demonstrating cooking at their Rome resturan..t....

Did find out a bit more about Andreee. Seems that she had actually been in a coma for quite a is out..possibly getting better ? Mimi and Zaca were both there.

Education and Marti...and a letter from a new penpal

   Message From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Sat, Jun 17, 2000, 5:59am To: Cc:, Subject: Up terribly early....a bit about America -

Topic ..our schools

There is an article in Time magazine this week about how the testing system in US schools...attempt to make teachers "accountable" and raise test causing a revolt. Teachers are losing jobs, schools are losing federal funding because of low test scores...the all pervading standardinzed test...unlike the UK we do not test with essays..but with those "bubble" in 1-5 choices....

I had an education student last Saturday doing a term paper in a masters class on .."recess" (I think we did a really exhaustive literaure search..theses, etc.) on recess...and learned her interest was because where she teachs...recess for kindegarteners is forbidden. The 5 year olds sit in classes 8 to 3...only lunch and bathroom breaks.... I discussed this with my daughter's great aunt,and she said they had recess in that Tennessee school many years ago, recess was an important part of my education...we learned dodge ball, then softball in a formal way, and informally taught each other elaborate forms of hop scotch.... And the personal part. Marti, one of my daughter 's twins, was singled out for special concern, and parenteral conference at the end of school....she did not perform as expected...would not "talk to the teacher" she could access her...counting ot 100 was a big deal. We taught her to count to 100, first using candy m and ms...then she graduated to can count to 1000....but she would not count more than up to 39 ...for the teacher...and this will show up on her kindegarge, and I guess be help against the school's perormance. My daughter is very, very anxious.

I was tiwht them yesterday, however, and the little boy....very serious, did flash cards and then had a sheet of arithemetic...and was adding things like 100 and 300....etc. He wrote it all out, read it and took it very seriously. The little girl had me spell words for her to write a story....

It is vacation time, but they are already practicing homework.

I do think that the US is starting to follow the Japanese system.... We keep swinging back and forth, back and forth on the pendulum.... End of essay. Later, Elizabeth

From: To:    "Elizabeth Christian" Subject:    way laid message again Date:    Mon, Jun 12, 2000, 9:44pm (EDT+5) X-Priority:    3 X-MSMail-Priority:    Normal

My brother in law was home from Indonesia and was using my e mail address on his lap top and forgot to remove it when he went home therefor all my e mail went to Indonesia on a round trip to here We have been on hols to Northumberland It is lovely countryside and for here iy was not too bad weather I have had a busy weekend Bowled on Friday and also on sun but it was cold I THINK I should have been born into a warm country

I HATE THE COLD  If you can manage to retire you will enjoy yourself Bob and I retired ``11 yrs ago and now wonder where we found the time to work I was only 51 when I retired we used the system and used ill health as an excuse although

I dont think B ob would be well enough now to work I have not had my compt for very long[ as you have probable notist with the mistakes I make]  so I have been surfing the net forpenpals so far I have got 2 both in the states have had my grandson Michael staying with me as he has had tonsil trouble at least we dont have to pay for the Dror medicine for a youngster or us oldies             Best wishes Carol