One of my oldest friends

From the time we moved in next door to the Eldridges, first on one side and then on the other, Lee (to me she was Lee, then), my age, my brother Billy and Frank, and the little one, Tommy, born in 1942 when we were already in school, were our neighbors and constant companions on Ponce de Leon.

Thinking now about how L.M Alcott wrote a book in a month, drawing on her experiences as one of four daughters and then made 100,000 in royalties over the next 10 years and became famous worldwide for the next century, and still going strong...makes me wonder now if this experience on PDL...a bit unique, as we lived in a mansion (Lei) and a garage apartment, even if it was the garage apartment of a mansion of an Atanta mayor and the founder of Coca Cola.

We did in fact have adventures, just as they had adventures in my favorite book of the time, the Bastable Children. We were not waiting for our fortunes to happen, but for our father to come home from the war and somehow "life" to really start...when of course it had already started.

Leters from Lei

   Message From: (Leila D'Aiutolo) Date: Wed, Apr 26, 2000, 8:15am To: (Elizabeth Christian) Subject: Greetings Elizabeth, Your Boston trip sounded great. So, nice Rob has a great memory of the city because there is so much to see and do in Boston. The Yankee part of my family was from there and other parts of MA so I especially enjoy it.   The last time I was there we went to the Aquarium and the Science Museum which was just wonderful and especially great for children. I'm sure he is glad they found a nice nursing home but I hear they are unbelievably expensive. <>   One of the locations my ancestors were from. We had a really lovely Spring then the cold and rainy weather came back. But now we're starting with Spring again. Bob has started a bunch of plants mostly tomato and basil. A few of my flowers are coming up. When the forsythia and daffodils were blooming we had a big snow in April! If you can believe that! But the flowers survived it and now the tulips look lovely and no one has eaten them yet. I guess, it was the ground hog after all and not deer and bunnies, since we haven't had the ground hog this year Thank Heavens. Best wishes, Lei