Yesterday at 1 I started cutting and pasting from other collection policies and the LIbrary of Congress classification system and am quickly coming up with a new collection development policy for us. I keep talking on and off to Trudy, Florence, and Beth as I went along.......It was great.

I also got an email about our Massey paper....the W Ga gal needs it for the proceedings....Can I slap one together in time to send it on Monday ?

I also restarted my approach to the Assesment part of the report due to Peggy....felt this time I had a far better handle on it....

Started the day with the new crowns from Dr. S.... Bought a Fortune magainze for the train, a Mercer card holder as a prize from the bookstore for the Journal Club...which wasn't. Not enough staff were there. I will reschedule. They aready have copies of the article. Trudy alerted me that Judith (about to take Larry somewhere) had not gotten my biweekly report...I had not realized the 25th was the due date...got this hurriedly together and sent it to her.

No word about the FDIC job, so I have given up. I will ask Judith if she ever got a call. My self confidence eroding a bit....at first I thought....a far better candidate showed up...in terms of experience with a law library, etc. Now I am starting to think I did not make quite the good impression I thought I had. Of course it was a $10,000.00 salary cut...and I have ll thse neat things to look forward to...San Diego, Chicago, Calloway Gardens, later Jekyll, etc.

But (or so I keep reminding myself) it was good practice in interviewing. http://community-2.webtv.net/ecchristian/ElizabethCarter/