Doing what I set out to do

Using the portableoffice I did in fact follow through on what I planned, which included getting the Maryland birth certificate request in the mail, and working some more on the 2000/2001 revision..and then Judith called and said she was sick, could not resolve her allergy issues..and would not be coming in.

Other things I did instead

1. Spoke to both F and B about the plan in order to get some input 2. Wrote another bit to add about copyright as a goal. 3. Got involved of adding subscriptions and got more carried away than I should with Ajay's grad assistant about the matter of journal subscripion, notably J of I Pharm.

Was home for a few hours with Jay and Marti. When Marti woke up from a nap she screamed for an hour...this become a very bad habit

It was cute when they got home. Theyhad studied Mexico that day...had paper costumes...put them on and danced the Mexican hat dance.