Mother's Day 2000

Eden invited me to lunch..and just the two of us had a lovely time at Margie's Pantry in Oakhurst, much like Virginia Highland. One of her junior league colleages was was a lovely time.She objected to my taking pictures, but I did it anyhow.

It is wonderful how the little shopping area is changing, but sad how the first new businesses, notably a neighborhood video store did not.

Afterwards it was time with the children, and when Eden and I left for town, Rob was keeping an eye on new fewer than 5 children from Fernbank and across the street. They had already had a session at swimming at the Y that afternoon.

Oakhurst links

Margie's Pantry:
Mother's Day at Oakhurst: Twenty-five Photopoint photos that include more shots of Margie's Pantry, three boys waiting to take their mother to lunch at MoJo's Pizza on the corner

Accompanying his mistress to her Sunday breakfast at Margie's Pantry

On the corner these three boys were waiting outside Mojo's to take their mother to a Mother's Day lunch of pizza