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To: Cc: Subject: This is a forward to a person in the UK I had answered a question about Atlanta that she posted in a ng on Atlanta...and I think she would really show me around a bit in London....if I went. Hope you don't mind the second hand stuff.

Actually I started the morming waiting to my ride to Macon and reading Schweiter's autobiography in the parking an idea for a bulletint board in the library...we just got a "Jesus collection" of old books from another library for theology...and When S was writing Search for the Historical Jesus he took the books with varying views and stacked them on the floor in order of their views....told his cleaning woman to leave alone...we could do the sam thing.

Well..... The rappers were incredible Have a good one, Elizabeth

Delivered-To: From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date:    Wed, May 24, 2000, 7:21am To: (Marcia Labofski) Cc: Subject:    Re: And if you can see Atlanta when one of our many parades is happening How about a return visit ? I have a downtown condo that I bought in part to entertain out of town guests with some privacy. So far I have hosted 2 different New Zealand librarians, a second cousin, and niece for 2 months who came job hunting...Not a lot of takers.

It occurs that to tell you about yesterday would give you sample.....

I bagan on my own campus...lot of magnolias....a real "campus"...trees, wide lawns....then roundtrip to our "headquarters" campus in Macon Georgia for vendor demonstrations..more magnoliasa....but it occurs to me...Macon is really historic....Indian Mound, real colonial homes....

When I got back five of us...librarian (think all less than 35 ..and then me at 66) for a Korean dinner, cooked at the the area near our school with the most ethnically diverse county in the southeast...lovely (and my compaions...a former student assistant from Malaysia, librarian from Chicago whose parents were born in mainland China then to Tawan)...learned our other staff member had had his own band in college and was even now submitting tapes for sale...his own songs, sung by himself...and a Jewish librarian who drove up from Macon who was able to give personal experience about his Norse persona (he has a degree in Swedish language and folklore) from Harvard and masters degree in the area from the Society for Creative Achnorism....

Then Florence and Abdul (think Malaysia and Taiwan- Abdul has dyed his hair blond)..both young and slim and a bit shy...and I took off for the " Otherside" on Piedmont to a favorite place of Florence s on Piedmont Rd....for karayoka (how do you spell it ?).....and in the end we all sang...they did Proud Mary with me....small, not many people there, but seemed like regulars. Piedmont has a great variety of such places and also a lot of strip joints, a couple of churches.... You would probably see element of a pub here...the room we were in had a fireplace, bar..but outside there was also a large disco dance floor...flashing ball and all (and empty on Tuesday night)

About 11:30 Florence dropped me off at the Buckhead station, and even for me, a regular MARTA rider I was amazed at the variety of people....2 sets of waiters getting off work, each set dressed exactly alike...tux...ete..and next to them a white woman with both legs and one arm tattooed.... The greatest thought was the the rap performance on the train...about 7 young men....and they kept a steady hum of music while they passed the word part among themselves...and it was amazing how the back of the seat resounced as an accompanying percussion instrument to a steady beat.

They were just like out of the movies... And Five Points...terrific. My parents did a bit ot courting father bought my mother the first Coke of their marriage at a drugstore a bar....I went to junior high school there, went to movies at what are not legit stages...great shopping...did you go in Junkman's Daughter, etc.....

When I had my exchange partner from London he stayded with my daughter (was into music big time....Phil was) and coul walk to Little Five Points for evening gigs...but then also back to Decatur for more in the other direction..... So... Atlanta is great.... Let's talk about If only I could get up just one more job swap. Thanks for writing.... Elizabeth

Date:    Tue, May 23, 2000, 6:39pm (EDT+5) From:    Marcia Labofski Subject:    Re: And if you can see Atlanta when one of our many parades is happening To:    Elizabeth Christian

Thanks very much for your e-mails, Ive just got home actually after a 24 hour journey which should have taken 12 hours!

I had a nice time in Atlanta, unfortunately the friend I stayed with turned out not to be a great host, so I only saw a bit of Atlanta in the end, my favourite spot was little 5 points, which I loved, anyway next time hopefully I'll take up some of the advice all you kind people have sent me. If you ever come to London, get in touch again and I'll give you the lowdown! Thanks again Marcia (very jet lagged and broke!)

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