In the form of a letter to BJ

   Message From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Thu, May 25, 2000, 10:00pm To: (BJ) Cc: Subject: Interesting day...

A physician has donated his collection of medicinal bottles...wrappings, boxes, ete..not just a bottle Mercer and my colleague Trudy is very involved. They got an expert appraiser to come from South Carolina....her mother, a sculpter who does amazing hugh bronzes..came with her.

We had a delightful lunch and then got to see all the stuff spread out over the dispensing lab so she could group it, etc. I took photos this afternoon and have them on Photopoint...There are so many you many not want to look ,but I will send you the email anyhow.

I had not really been interested in pharmacy artifacts...but Trudy is so enthusiastic....If we are in the process of starting a museum a place must be found for it.

Your adventures continue.....and this business about physicians not being willing to see someone with an open terrible. You would think something would have to give..but I don't know what. Later, (and I will forward the Photopoint link)... Elizabeth

See my photos of Bottles Collect SSP at PhotoPoint