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Once you've bought yourself the biggest word processor you can and you're living in the house you're going to live in, and you've got a nice desk, you're kind of running out of things to buy.

Facinating idea, that would certainly relate to retirement for you, Elizabeth. If you decide now that what you really want to do is write......write something...then this is all you need. You HAVE the houses...two of them, both quite different, and all you need to do now is work with words, work with ideas....they are all around you.

May 3....

Factinating day. I got up and set ouf on purpose to photograph going up to MARTA..the idea of photos of different people just to look at what they were wearing was interesting. Very interesting. ....And then the shot of the MARTA worker in her shorts and yellow shirt. She said that they had in fact had a fashion show at headquarters of their new costumes.

One more "man reading" on MARTA....

I got out my email, lined up an appointment with David Hawkins and have calls in to Jackson and Farris about meetings with the departments....and talked to Joyce my email out.... and then had Judith in my office in her yellow linen outfit....telling me that I had jumped the gun, we needed to get approval first.

I reworte my bit for her about our class, and will probably email that to her on Thursday.

Great program in pharmay in which Bill Kelly dressed up as a wounded soldier...crutch, head bandaged, torn, fake blood on his pants...and a gave a great presentation on the first time out with the law and ethics class taught with a web based class from Florida, via Auburn.

Then the library staff meeting at 2:30....and Judith had an agenda and went over it item by item. Also a long speech at the end about no "bare middrifts" etc.

Three three young staff members that Sally hierd are just great...bright, anxious to move ahead....really great.

Librarians met at the end and I agreed to get the collection development policy together for us all ....object have it approved by the Library Advisory Committee in the fall and then in place.

Judith commented that we really did need to meet more frequently ...that she was feeling a bit out of it.....

At the end of the day I did load many of my slides from the past two days into Photopoint...and then home another interesting conversation. I told the driver about my conversation with the other driver as to how he would spend his lottery money, and this driver said that he would also spend it on cancer treatment...said his wife had been given 6 months to live...but she was now alive 5 years later...agressively seeking treatment, but now his mother-in-law facing a lack of treatment because of managed care...somewhere in a midwestern state.

Chinese downstairs with Creative Loafing....reading about the present state of what was Mindspring...and then a bit ot tv...only enjoyed the segment of Spincity.

So...that was the day that was....

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   Message From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Thu, May 4, 2000, 3:40am To: (Penella Thompson) Cc: Subject: Re: Vacation What a wonderful experience. As far as vacation, my daughter wants us to go somewhere during the summer, but has no definite plans. I will be going to library meetings in Athens Georgia, Calloway Gardens here in Georgia, and finally the American Library Association meeting in Chicago in July. Best wishes, Elizabeth Date:    Wed, May 3, 2000, 4:14pm (EDT+6) From:    Penella Thompson X-Accept-Language:    de To:    Elizabeth Christian Subject:    Vacation Dear Elizabeth, Thanks for writing. It sounds as if you had a good time in the Boston area over the Easter break. I spent the long Labour Day weekend at a Buddhist Monastery in the south of England. I had never been there before. It was in a spectacularly beautiful and peaceful setting. The nuns' cottage, where I stayed, is just like a picture-book English cottage with a brook at the bottom of the garden and lots of old fruit trees, which were in blossom. Behind the house there was a lake where the trees were reflected in the water. Everyone was very friendly. Local people give the monastery a lot of support. They even bring in delicious meals. On Saturday we had a fantastic lunch provided by Sri Lankans. It was like a buffet at an Indian restaurant! I'm sure I'll visit the monastery again. My Mum is even interested in going! I've only got 3 more working days left before my vacation. So you won't hear from me for quite a while. I'm having fun getting things ready. Hope all is well with you. Have you got any vacation plans for this year? With best wishes from Penny

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   Message From: (SINDIPAL) Date: Wed, May 3, 2000, 6:29am (EDT-1) To: (Elizabeth Christian) Subject: GOING ON NEW MAP OF LIFE HI EL..... YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A VERT RICH GIFT TODAY. GOD BLESS YOU. I HAVE TRAVELLED ALMOST EACH BIG CITY OF THE WORLD. IT IS ONLY TODAY I VAVE FOUND OUT THAT THE CREAM OF LIFE + FUN + WONDERS ARE STAYING IN NATURE. I THANKS. THIS PUTS ME ON OTHER MAP OF LIFE. CAN I ASK YOU "WHERE DID YOU FELT THE MOST CHERISHABLE PEACE ?" LOVE S ----- Original Message ----- From: Elizabeth Christian To: Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 5:10 AM Subject: If you are coming to the US...amount of money you have to spend will determine what you can do. After working in London and New Zealand I am starting to think that large cities are pretty much the same everywhere. There are museums and monuments, but it is the smaller places, and the wonderful countryside that is really unique. When I was in NZ I found my several trips to small towns where we had library operations facinating..It was so exciting to see what local ventures were afoot, how the people were coing with the issues unique to the area. Later, Elizabeth

   Message From: (BJ) Date: Wed, May 3, 2000, 7:50am To: (Elizabeth Christian) Subject: Wednesday That was a fascinating diary entry about peacocks. I knew they were obnoxious, but I'd never thought of them as a replacement for a watch dog. Demi's son left yesterday afternoon. Two days is such a short visit. The house has returned to its normal quiet. There was a very strange happening last night. Demi actually talked to me. She gave me a complete list of her planned activities for the rest of the week. I almost died of shock. She usually doesn't mention what she is planning for the next hour let alone five days. She even mentioned that she is doing some work on the computer for people. That was all she said . I was afraid to ask anything for fear she'd get upset with me. Could this be a "new" Demi or maybe it's just a hangover from her time with her son. I guess I'll know the answer to that later today. We are planning to go out today but it will depend on what time Justa finishes with my shower. Since we have no plans for the rest of the week, we could go any day. I took advantage of her talkative mood and asked her about taking Heidi to the vet. She thinks it's a good idea. I'll make an appointment for either the end of this week or next week. It will depend on when the vet I like is free. Dr Stevens is the owner of the place and is the best diagnostician. Thee is only one of the other four that I would let even look at Heidi but for this I want him. Dr Stevens preformed the bladder stone surgery on Heidi and has been her dr since she was a year old. Demi thinks Heidi is becoming incontinent from old age but I have seen Heidi hold it for over an hour until I woke Demi to open the door. I still think the puddle in the bedroom was from Zena but Demi insists it was too large and had too strong of an odor to be from Zena. I've been trying to make lists of things I'll need done daily while Demi is gone. I still have no idea exactly when she'll be going. There are times I wonder IF she'll ever really go. She's been talking about needing to make this trip since she moved here in November of 98. The only time she's been gone over night was for her brother's memorial service a few weeks ago. We still haven't had any rain but there is an increase in the humidity level. That makes the fragrance of the jasmine growing along my back yard fence waft gently into the house. (Doesn't that sound poetic?) Jasmine smells much like gardenia so I have the same fragrance from the front and back of my house. I wish their blooms would last longer but I'll be lucky if they'll last for three weeks. The sun has been rising blood red every morning this week. It really is beautiful. I'm sure some excuse can be given for it or maybe it is always that color. Except for certain times as it moves north and south during the year, its rising is hidden by the house behind me but right now it rises between the house and the thick shrubbery of the vacant lot which allows me to see it from my bed. That's enough pointless nonsense for today. Hope you have or have had a pleasant day. I'm never sure what time of day you'll read this. Sunshine Smiles, Barb    



   Message From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Wed, May 3, 2000, 8:05pm To: (N.L. Eckert) Cc: Subject: Eden is doing what I should have done myself... After she was married and the twins were born she joined the DeKalb County Jr. League. It is the service organiztion that started a lot of things including what is now the county library system. They start things, often volunteer and once something is operational step out and let a paid staff take over and often a government agency continue financing, or it may have its own Board of Directors. In the meantime it is also a way for women to meet other women, work together and possibly make friends. Most of the leagues in the country use cookbooks to make money for their projects. She was involved in the new revisions of the 20 year old books. I needed something really "Georgia" to give my colleagues when I left TWP and the cookbooks were just the ticket. Eden shipped them to me, and they were very well received. Many mornings I had a fresh muffin and "flat white" at the bus station next door to TWP and the same man served me. We never talked, but just before I left I gave him a cookbook and a copy of an article from the loca newspaper a journalism class had written about me as a class assignment. I know you must really be anxious to get out on the water after the long winter's wait. Thinking of you, Elizabeth Delivered-To: From: (N.L. Eckert) Date:    Wed, May 3, 2000, 8:17am To: (Elizabeth Christian) Subject:    Re: Are you out with the boat yet ? Hi Elizabeth, I haven't heard from you in quite awhile, wondered how you were doing. Those are neat pix of Eden. Did she publish the cook-book herself? If so, thats quite an undertaking. I'll bet you're proud of her. I have the boat prretty well ready to go, but I haven't had it out on the water yet. The Lk. St. Clair ramps are a bit shallow and lake is even worse, so , I'm waiting a few more weeks to take it to Pt. Sanilac. I'm sort of glad that I have a small boat with the levels the way they are. At least, I can raise the drive and run in about 2 ft. of water. At Pt. San, once I'm out of the harbor, it goes to 6 ft. depth in a hurry. The dredges are working there now, so I think it'll be OK in LK Huron. Have a good one, and I'll be talking to you. Later, Norm

Message From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Wed, May 3, 2000, 8:17pm To: (BJ) Cc: Subject: A reasonable time reading and writing...for once. Had a facinating faculty presentation at the new pharmacy school "faculty coll..quia " (cant spell it. ) We had a faculty member, who had never taught pharmacy law, have to take over the class and tried an experiment with an online course by a University of Florida professor...tell about the experience last month. We all assembled, started our box lunches...and not Bill, to lecture. Grady said he would go look for him..and in comes Bill, head bandaged, clothes torn and withsimulated blood, leaning on a single crutch.... He likened the experience to battle. It started with the students getting on line to get the first assignment at the very momen all Auburn Universitiy students began to register. There was one misadventure after another, but in the end he said he would do it again, with some revisions. He had lots of stats about students manyhad to buy additional components to their computers..sound cards, printers, order to get all the feature. The libary (like most libaries in the country) are stewing over the new copyright law and what it will mean for us. I hope that Heidi will have something curable. Wonderful that she has a vet that has been with her so long. Actually sometimes it seems that animals can get better treatment than humans. Quite a few years ago I kept one of my mother-in-law's very tiny white poodles overnight and she stayed in the bathroom and got into some kind of cleaner that was really toxic. At 8 o'clock on a Sunday morning we were able to locate a vet who would see her immediately, gave her excelent dianostic services, treated her, and the charge was under three hundred dollars. A human might well have died in the emergency room....or at least would have spent a lot of time waiting for tests that the vet was able to perform right there.... End of that story....the dog was OK and my mother-in-law was none the wiser... Will try to get a photo of my new doll to you from photopoint before the evening is out. I reread the webpage from the people who dressed her. (Nothing to show it, but I assume the doll itself was made in China, everything else is. ) They are going to be making more ballet dolls and I am an instant collector. Have a good one, Elizabeth

   Message From: (Tom & Athena Mizelle) Date: Sun, Apr 30, 2000, 2:44pm To: (Elizabeth Christian) Subject: RE: Dancers, dolls HI, Elizabeth! Thanks for the kind words about my site! Sorry I didn't respond earlier -- I'm up to my ears in preparing for a final exam Wed. night; I'm taking computer science courses as well as holding a fulltime job ( and occasionally working on my site and my dolls!) Actually I'm a fairly clumsy 48-year-old, but Middle Eastern dance is something I was stunned to discover that I *can* do! It is based on movements that come naturally to the body, and is a very relaxing thing. It has been a *women's* dance for thousands of years, and one of the world's leading authorities and dancers, Morocco, is also well into her 60s. Check out her site: You might also wish to check a few of my links to other peoples' dancer dolls... If you're at all interested in Barbies, I've seen some absolutely stunning ones featuring Indian dance costume (Hindu, not Amerind). Wish I could give you the sites, but we had a hard drive meltdown not too long ago & I ended up reformatting & starting over (those computer courses came in handy!). I plan to try to update the Greece portion of the site soon with some photos we took when we were there; please check back in about 3 weeks. My summer term course will be Web Authoring, so I may have a few new tricks to put up there soon! Maybe I'll have a doll or two as well; my hubby got me a Tshirt featuring Betty Boop as Xena: Warrior Princess, and you *know* I had to do that one! It was more of a costume swap with minimal repainting; I just haven't had an opportunity to prepare those images for the Web recently... Peace, Athena A Mizelle -----Original Message----- From: Elizabeth Christian [] Sent: Friday, April 28, 2000 4:33 AM To: Cc: Subject: Dancers, dolls I came across your dance page this morning..your lovely dolls, and had to write. I have not particular background in dance (unless you count water aerobis and step classes....of a rather clumsy 66 year old)...but for some reason the purchase of several ballet dancer Christmas ornaments, and a ballet porceline baby doll at a doll store in Greenwich UK...let me to collecting all kinds of ballet dancers as stuffed animals, regular dolls, and I suppose I have some kind of interest in collecting them. Your web page is delightful, and I especially enjoyed the development of the page from your interest in dancing, the search for patterns, and best of all the photographs of the dolls and their costumes themselves. In this world of the Internet there is so very much sharing. Thank you for sharing, and I will add your page to my bookmarks and check back from time to time. I know that it will be growning. Best wishes, Elizabeth from Atlanta, Georgia

Photo of the Day As I was passing about 8:15 I caught this shot of the end of a tree that had probably been by the side of Peachtree Towers for a very long time. It may have actually been the only palm tree almost on Peachtree for many blocks. The replacements will be Japanese maples.