Message From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Thu, May 4, 2000, 7:25am To: (BJ) Cc: Subject: Almost chatting

I have to stay until almost 9 tonight because of I am just going to call and say I will show up at one....I was actually at work or at a meeting 11 days running because of Saturday's graduation and working Sunday.

I do need to run down a publication for a graduate who was in yesterday. It is the new version what was once the Lilly Digest...a statistical survey giving benchmarks for community pharmacies....I feel guilty because I have not stayed on top of this.

Interesting about this graduate. She and her husband met in pharmacy school, started the model community pharmacy...and were active in Mercer affairs. She was even on the Board of Trustees over 10 years ago, and more recently worked for the state Medicaid system. However, now she is with a managed card, mail order pharmacy big company, with software that will let the physician write prescriptions and check out interactions right on line to the pharmacy....This is the kind of business that is actually putting her own pharmacy, the community pharmacy where her husband still works, out of business.

Ironically she took our first Master of Pharmacy Admihnistration degree a number of years after gettin licenced...and her thesis topic was the effects on patient counseling that would come with Medicare catosropic (spelling ?) insurance, which then the Congress repealed.

Changes, changes.....

Sound like you continue to have complicated scheduling times....

Hope Heidi will get a good report. Best wishes, Elizabeth

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Hi Elizabeth,

This page is a great idea. With all the ideas for pages you have, you're going to be very busy when/if you retire.

Yesterday did not go as I had hoped. Justa didn't come until after 10. By the time she finished my shower it was almost time for lunch. Needless to say I didn't get out.

Justa has a full time job as an aide at an assisted living facility and for some odd reason she thought she could just up and leave her job at any time she chose to come and give me a bath. I demanded that she commit to coming here at the same time every day and she preferred not to come after work. She has said she will come before work which means 6 in the morning on Monday and Friday but it takes longer to get me into the shower so on Wednesday she will be here at 5:30. Since I'm almost always awake at that time, I agreed. Demi wasn't too happy because she doesn't think she will be able to sleep through all the noise. She prefers to sleep until 8. All this means is that if Justa really shows up at that time, I won't be online until later; so my email will be later. I guess most people won't notice the difference but the few early birds I write to will. Demi's "good" mood is fading.

She was a little more open yesterday than normal but there were periods when the old testiness shown through. She has started saying that there might be a problem with her going to TN when she thought. Her daughter started a new job just a few weeks ago and doesn't know if she can get the time off. I suspected something like this might happen but I had to make sure I had help in case she did go.

We are planning on going out this morning and if Demi wants to be paid tomorrow we better get out. Today is Demi's birthday. I guess that is why she is having her hair done and going out tonight. I'm not sure if she will be 63, 64 or 65 but she is in that age range.

I have an appointment to have Heidi seen by Dr Stevens tomorrow. I don't think she has a bladder infection but I'm always concerned about the possibility of more bladder stones. It was almost 4 years ago when she had to have surgery to remove stones from her bladder. Even with the special dog food there is no guarantee that more stones won't form.

We finally had a nice steady soaking rain. I've heard that we had almost an inch. The timing was perfect because the yard man had just put down fertilizer when he did the lawn earlier in the afternoon. Sunshine Smiles, Barb    

Me did the day really go


1.I did finally call ssi 800 number and have an appointment for Tuesday at 8:30 on Marietta St. to see about getting the money coming from SS. While I listened to music and heard messages while witing, I think I understood them to say that "our" money would be retrospective to January 1, which in my mind translated into a check for almost $5,000.00 to apply toward those almost $10,000.00 in credit card bills.

2. Dropped in on Macy's and bougth yet another of the Sag Harbor outfits, a top that really fit one I already have (too small top), another jacket, purple this time, and a bright turquoise shift. It is supposed to be washable. They look neat..would go under the jackets I already I just might go for some more. Say, black, navy, and a neutral color...or even 5 if they have them in my size, and splurge on a whole set of lapel pins....then even some shoes...I do need some shoes.

At 20.00 a pop..not bad...and at the end of the summer they will be almost giving them away there are so many for sale.

3. At work I fiddled around with web stuff....nothing very serious. Also did a few more photos on the train.

4. Judith came by my office and talked about the even t that she and Florence had attended at Emory....kept referring to Grace Agnew as some kind of guru....and also said that she had been on a job interview place with 6,000 students, that had a reference desk that appeared to her both unmanned and unused ...and a place that was operating with teams.

5. Graduation...carrying the mace one more time and again hating it..just hanging around. I am not going to go so early anymore....

6. Ride to the station with Diane. Her leg is hurting her, where she was bitten by a dog at J. Jackson's last week.