Two more graduations

Two more graduations....carrying the mace..theology and then business/engineering in the evening. Twice the President said "you may need an assistant" about all he said to me, so I suspect it is either a new way of sharing the repsonsibility..or he may be thinking of having someone else....So what. I did it for 3 years, that's enough.

Beautiful day and evening.

I spent the balance of the day getting Rothemberg, Blakey and Bill Anderson information about some books from the basic book list for us either recommend or suggest that they delete.

I added Amazon links....and resent the list. I could not open all of WS's attachments...don't know what else is there, but I think I can get a logical response by her deaeline of May 11.

Judith did a "close the door" with me on Trudy


She does not like Trudy's idea of working 20 hours. Says she cannot "do it all" in that time.... and did not really take to the idea of Amy taking over more desk hours or ELI..said how bright Amy was, so capable of special projects...and I guess she is.

The idea of hiring someone for the ten extra hours who would come in part time did not appeal to her either....

She also said that she wanted (and actually this was my suggestion) to have the new person we hire take over the Business School...that Florence is just not cutting it. I did not say what a blow this would be to F's self-esteem....


I doubt if anything that I said will make any difference at all....

After graduation I wentout for a Thai meal with Diane...flamed dessert...neat. The food was not all that great.

This was the taxi driver at the Chamblee MARTA station who stopped with me so that I could get the photograph of Barney in Santa Claus gear on Chamblee Tucker Road. He had a photo of his child taped above the dashboard. This is typical of many of these drivers.