I had been anticipating this day expecting to enjoy the interview process with Leigh Hall, who aspired to rise from her position at Southern Tech Library (the only place where she has held a professional position) to our Assistant Director for Public Services.

She was lovely, dark shoulder lenght hair, ivory skin, a white suit with fucia blouse and small necklace and bone colored shoes. Her presentation was meager, she emphasized, unfortunately if accurately, users rising expectations..with no answer as to how to meet them...and seemed a bit intimidated by all the faces around the table.

Judith had her usual kinds of questions

"How do you handle stress" "Describe an employee problem and explain how you handled it"

I think the concensus was that she lacked the experience and maturity in librarianship to do the job. Beth said that Diana Long liked her, and I suspect other paraprofessionals did.

In our meeting after she met with us Judith said outright that when I retired I would not have my position replaced...and she also spelled out my job to Leigh and said the associate director would be expected to help me with it. After learning that Judith arranged definitely for Amy to go to AACP without telling me...I was already feeling a bit paranoid. Then Judith made a big thing about how many of us could go to ALA given that Amy was going to AACP...Trudy had the idea of having Teri cover the desk in our absence....which seemed to molify Judith. She said twic e during the day that our reference schedule was too "flexible"....

This is hard for me to understand as it already sweems to me that there is someone at the desk when I come to relieve them. I don not think we have a problem.

I paid for a cab and for a meal at Max Larger, which I did not enjoy as much as I had hoped I would.

Still reading on that Greek history book, for some reason.