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Basically it is just the ability to use Spreadsheets and other facilities like Word and using the maths, picture gallery and simple things. We did do some work on using the Internet but as it is mostly advertising I am not particularly interested. There was a report on the radio this morning that many people are becoming addicted to the internet and that it is getting to be as big as problem as gambling with folk getting anxious if they cannot check their messages and e-mail.

I have been reading one of your early e-mails, trying to get a picture of you. Although we both write in English I find a great deal of your letter to be almost in a different language. I think you get carried away and forget that I do not know how your family is constructed. Eden is your daughter but who is Rich? You say Eden works at night but do not say what she does?   My daughter is Audrey. She is a Community Nurse and works two nights each week visiting patients in their homes,mostly seriously ill or terminals.. I could not do it but she has been nursing since the age of l6 and is prepared for anything.

How many grandchildren have you? how old are they?   My oldest grandaughter is 24 and works at Heathrow Airport for Lancom the French cosmetic firm. She also does promotions for other firms. She meets all sorts of famous people and seems to enjoy her job.

I notice that you collect dolls but what is an ebay? I will tell you the history of our village another time. I live about 4 miles from Windsor and about 7 miles from Heathrow in a village called Colnbrook (there is a story connected with that name which I will tell another time) Thats all for now

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It looks to me as though you have plenty of problems on your plate. Hope you were able to sort something out about Phoebe. Eden seems supportive and between you perhaps things will come right. I am slightly older than you but lucky in so much as none of my children are divorced.

My middle son and his wife have had a drink problem and ended up most evenings having terrific rows but they never even considered divorce. We came to the conclusion that they enjoyed the rows but now that Lucy, their daughter,has finally left home they have decided to give up the drink and things seem to be going very well with both being changed personalities we just hope it lasts. I am 72 and gave up work in 1988 when both my parents were ill. Audrey and I looked after them for a year until they passed away in 1989, my dad in the August and my mother on Christmas Eve. I only left work a little early but would have to have finished at 60 anyway as I was a School Teacher. I worked Part Time for about 20 years and do not get a Teacher's pension. I do get a state pension and also a pension from my husband's employer so I am OK financially but I would never find time to go to work. Once you do pack it in you will wonder how you managed it all those years.

My husband had to retire at 65, actually on his birthday, and we had just 10 years together before he died.

I also try to keep in shape because I find that as soon as I put on a bit of weight my knees start to hurt and I get short of breath. Also I am, involved with the T.G Keep Fit group where I often take the class. I have top sort out the music and get just the right beat, not too fast or too slow. I also swim at least once a week which I find helps a lot with aches and pains.

I put in your e-mail address and got your picture. Very clever is'nt it. Your photographs were good although I have not seen all of them yet. Your hair colour looks the same as mine. Audrey is always telling me to get a bit of colour put in but once you start that you have to keep it up and who cares if I am grey at 72.

Let me know how you get on with Phoebe and I am sure it will help to have someone to talk to. Children are all very well but they are not the same generation and quite often their values are totally different. Good luck...................Betty B