Bittersweet by Susan Strasberg

I had bought Bittersweet by Susan Strasberg at a book sale by the Friends of the Library of the AFPL two years ago, and picked it up just for something light. It was interesting how being in a theater family she was able to move ahead so quickly as a star. She was also a beautiful woman.

The aspect of the book that really struck me was the domestic abuse she described. It was classic. A jealous man who was also very attractive, who maniupulated her family and her own feelings, who constantly critized and was violent. The way that her parents were unable to get her out of the situation.

I wondered what happened to her and discovered she died of breast cancer at 60 just over a year ago,and had not sought regular treatment, but went to some kind of alternative healer.

Here are the links


She seems to have died of breast cancer age 60 relying on unconventional treatments

SS;'s reaction to the play written about her familiy from her own 2 books and her brother's bio

Her belief in psychic healing

Her Tarot reader

This is really about bow ties

MM's pearls


Editions for sale: My copy looks like it might be a first edition.Copyright @ 1980. Printed in the United States of America
Christopher Jones, Strasberg's husband: Very favorable