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Dear Elizabeth, I enjoyed your e-mail this morning. (am putting off house-cleaning for a rather large event: my dept. is coming here, at my invitation, for a "pot-luck picnic" in honor of my retirement this month! I told them I would rather have this sort of party than any other--they typically have a buffet meal at a restaurant and "roast" the retiree; I wanted to avoid this at all costs--even if it meant house/yard cleaning)

Anyway, I can understand your feeling nostalgic for NZ. Mer seems to feel that way too, even though Ed looks back at the whole Cup experience as a nightmare he'd rather forget. He is supposed to go to Australia this fall to coach the U.S. Olympic sailing team (Star class boats, I think) and Mer wants to join him for a couple of weeks. I agreed to babysit, since she really wants to go. She really perks up when I show her a magazine article etc. about NZ.

        Yes, Providence is the "Costume Jewelry Capital of the World." R.I. used to be even more involved in this industry, before so much manufacturing moved overseas. The jewelry manufacturers years ago managed to pollute the rivers around Providence very badly, with the toxic chemicals used in jewelry manufacture. Recently the officials warned residents of an elderly housing project north of here not to go down to the river nearby, because the whole area around it is so polluted. (This is the side of R.I. that the tourist bureau would rather not publicize.) On the positive side, they have stopped polluting and are cleaning it up, presumably .

I believe this industry even today is one of the 2 or 3 biggest employers in this state, and there are big jewelry conventions here every year or so. Companies like Monet, Coro, etc. are still moving operations overseas, however. I have had lots of students who worked in jewelry manufacture, and several of them have given me pieces of costume jewelry at Christmas, etc. (I always wonder how they acquired the pieces!)

        Must go clean,   Sarah    Message From: Date: Mon, Jul 17, 2000, 10:20pm To: Subject: summer trips Dear Elizabeth, Your trip to Chicago sounds as if it was even better than you had expected. I really enjoyed living in Chicago (1980-81) during a post-doc at Northwestern University. Chris and I stayed in Wilmette, north of Chicago, which was a very nice town; the high school there, New Trier East, was one of the finest in the U.S. and stimulated a new love of education in Chris. He also met a number of friends who he still keeps in touch with, and as a result of our year in the Midwest he decided to attend the Univ. of Wisconsin! So Chicago played an important part in our lives.         Your proposed trip to Cuba in the spring should be extremely interesting. A friend of mine has gone there several times, and liked many things about it (especially the people she met).         I'm off to France for two weeks, July 22-Aug. 6, on an Elderhostel trip with my sister Catherine. The topic is "Fine Arts in Normandy and Paris"; we will spend a week in Paris and a week in Rouen. The weather seems to be unusually cool and rainy there this summer, so I have had to change my travel wardrobe (originally planned for "Paris when it sizzles"). I'm quite excited, as you may imagine. Will tell you about it when I return, Sarah