...and I'm glad to be an American..what this photo makes me think. I took it out the MARTA train window as we passed Lindberg. The breeze was whipping the flag around as rain threatened.

I started the day by watching the Night Porter. I had bought the video because it was a Dirk Bogarde film. Later I read reviews that said it had no redeeming values. The explicit sex and sadism was unexpected. That DB could have even played in the film made me wonder about him.

I discussed the Staff Development Plan with Lynette and then drafted an email to Judith (not sent yet) and talked to Judy Lunsford about the history. She spoke of a magazine with accounts of the history decade by decade by individuals. I think she is on the right track. She kept speaking of making it "accessible"

Then Marc Johnson did the CE-ROM for me..great

I had not caught all of the items on the megalist that we have in the library, and Diane had complained and Judith took me to task about this. She also laid me out again about having order the Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs on the requisition card....

Just fooled around in the evening, not working especially hard and downloading some of my photos into Photopoint.