Mail message Help From: Date: Wed, Sep 13, 2000, 10:33am To: Subject: Re: I just read the really interesting history of paper dolls: Tom Tierney Dear Elizabeth         Tom Tierney is very much alive and still producing paper dolls and other fashion and history related things. He was born about 1927 in Beaumont Texas, worked for many years from his New York City studio then moved to live full time at his country home. He worked for many years for Dover, then added B Shackman to his publisher list. Dover has done hundreds of his titles in paper dolls, clip art, pictorial archives, coloring books... of many subject including people, babies & kids, maritime, office pics, history & characters, and more.         Tom works from his lovely country home and studio in outstate New York, and has referred all his mail order to a neice in Texas. He still signs books, and does limited edition color laser print things, but they are quite expensive, compared to other published artists. But then he gets more art done than other PD artists too, and needs his production time without having to deal with mail order. He used to answer just tons of mail with personal letters, but it got to be just too much.         He's a sweet, talented guy, who is generous with his knowledge, when asked, and when he has time. We have been friends since 1984 when I got started with paper doll publishers (B Shackman, and later I painted for Dover about 1988). We exchange experieances and trials of dealing with publishers, some of whom are wonderful to work with (owner of B Shackman for one) and some editors who can be stinkers (names not mentioned).         I featured him as one of the paper dolls artists of note, in my section about paper dolls in the DOLL SOURCEBOOK by...can't think of the publisher right now...but they are the same group as Northlight books. Enjoy your paper doll hobby.         PS, do you have my catalog? I have found from my suppliers, than many items are discontinued, so I have a new catalogue at the printer right now. Best Wishes, Judy M Johnson