Mail message Help From: () Date: Fri, Sep 8, 2000, 9:03am (EDT+15) To: Subject: Billabongs and humpy

Yes aborigines are being "crown land" back here sadly they are still not happy with us. We have a problem , we are criticised for changing the aborigines life style and criticised if we dont, you see the "abo" feels that taking him away from his bark and branch "humpy" giving him our life style ie motor cars,houses, free medical care and ofcourse free money to live is not enough, they complain we have ruined their traditional life style BUT will not give up ours all they keep saying is we should apologise for changing them, they complain to all the world what a lot of "bastards" we are but who do you think gives them money and the time to complain, yes we do, we have a no win situation, they were a primitive people when the European arrived, 40, to 50,000 years of no change no advances just the same traditions even the population was small barely 700,000 yes not even a million after all that time, food for thought????

Yes we have ruined some of the land here, our greed is wrecking our cosy life style BUT, we are starting to change, we plant millions of trees we are conservation conscience, in time we shall fix the problem.

Soap box put away for another day have a good time Ken.