Acquired June 2001 40.00 plus postage.

OLL" This handmade African doll stands 16" tall. The face is all beadwork, along with the headdress. The back of the head is done in a black material, dotted with black beads. There is a 4 row gold coil around the dolls neck, and a beaded necklace.The doll has a maroon and yellow wool wrap around the shoulders. It's edged in black material and white beads. Underneath the wrap, the clothing on the doll is a black material with red and white beads sewen all around it. The dolls arms and hands are covered in black material and alumunium wire is wrapped around the wrists. The apron in the front is all beadwork and very pretty. The colors are white, black, green, yellow, orange, blue, and purple. Covering the lower back half of the doll is black vinal. The legs are wood wrapped with alumunium wire. Around the ankles is red beadwork. The shoes/feet are wood it looks like, and covered with black material. Red and white beads are sewen all around the edges. On the dolls left foot it looks like there are 3 sets of beads missing along the bottom in front