This Doll is 6 1/2 " long. It appear to have loss some hair. The Shoes look hand hewn. The arms & legs are jointed and made. what feels like wire. The Body & Face feel hard. The face features are handpainted on. And there is a Label that has written on it : "MADE IN SOVIET UNION" and a # and possible name of a city I can't make it out. The Label is sewn on the dolls left knee area.

Acquired June 2001

This charming dancing couple from Russia have wooden heads and wire bodies. The detail is lovely. Even the girl's skirt is lined. The embroidery is done by hand on both figures. The boy is wearing little leather shoes. The piece measures just 4" in height. --- A kind e-bayer has corrected me on the description of this doll. I take the liberty of quoting her directly, "Please let me correct you on the description of one of your items. Actually these dolls must be from one of former Soviet Union republics, specifically Baltic states -Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, which have always considered themselves occupied territories. In fact, they were annexed by Russia in 1940. So people in those states put a lot of effort to preserve their cultural heritage, and making dolls in authentic folk costumes was one of their ways