April 18, 2000

   Message From: echristian@webtv.net (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Wed, Apr 19, 2000, 6:57am

To: echristian@webtv.net Subject: Murl..diary entry

vThe great Bridgestone supper..organized by Florence Tang..with Abdul (formedr student assistant, who has for some reasons dyed his hair blond, flatmates Mallory and Beth Perry, and David Greenebaum came up from Macon.

Got a history on David. He has degrees in Swedish language and folk lore from Harvard and a Calif univ, lived in Wisconsin and all over the midwest. Made his way into librarianship via paraprofessional stuff....Talked about his recent role in the Mercer production of Rocket Man, and is taking dancing lessons there in Macon.

The walk about 8:30 home from the BG location opposite the Fox was terrific..took a lot of photos. The day was also productive professionally I was able to

Almost finished up the list to circulate to pharmacy department chairmen for the big budget cutting event Got about 2,500 planned for purchases starting in July

Using Trudy's template started on the pharmacy holdings picture..and starting in the RCs realized just how many books needed to be weeded..and started on this with emails to Darin, which was NOT a very good idea. [Note: By 9:30 April 19 Darin had printed out my discard requests and by noon had them on a booktruck ready to discard.He is so nice and efficient.}

President held a videoconference about the Nursing School....(did not go, info from Trudy...who said he said there would also not be money to rennovate the library) Judith came to my office and suggested I might do a paper with Laurel about our class..and changes next year....NO WAY (I wonder why she did this ?) I hope my photos come out well from the walk...there was a wonderful full moon.