Reading ...the day

It seems that I should comment on my reading today from the Guardian this morning (massive loss of employment in the UK because of Rover plants being closed by Germany..the buyout and the UK government cannont help), then NY Times..nothing struck me short of more about Vietnam…point that one lady from V, now 80 did not sense the 25 years war as much in the long continuium of history. Read from current issues of Journal of Academic Librarianship and Library Journal…JAL, an article about helping faculty track their citations as a means of improving librarians perceived "status"…not such a hot idea I think, and a study of 41 faculty to find how they perceived the laison programs in place….not that intereste in bi..confirmed what I have thought…but then wow…Library Journal for April ..a great article on the ebooks used with they are treated in several public libraries, an another detailed article on serials prices and the effect of bundling with consortia subscriptions.