April 5, 2000

Diary April 5, 2000

Again...more time spent with the Internet and those "people".. Redid the dogwood blossom so it would be on a web page and easy to find. Actually I even attached it to my web page.

Got a cab ($16.00) to Eden's to help out with babysitting.

It was a delightful time. Liza and Joe came over and there were paintings in the kitchen, videos with Joe and Jay stretched out on E and R's bed ..watching Sooby Dooby Do...and clutching dinasouers...while Liza and Marti played in costumes as "Aristocats"..Liza brought the costumes. There was a lot of running around, until their mother came to fetch them, after teaching her class at Emory.

Jay told his mother when she called that he had in fact eaten his vegatable soup...

Mary came..and I went on to work.

Here..I have played a bit with a plan for a Powerpoint presentation for the Lab..."Putting it all together"...but in fact have turned to simply playing...

When am I going to get all those things done I need to do..especially taxes and bills...nothing really stopping me..is there ?


If I were to work 3 more years

1095 days

66 paid vacation days 36 paid holidays 52 Saturdays 52 Sundays

only 681 actual working days

And here not a lot is likely to change. If you can just control these emotions about Judith. Let's face it, she really doesn't want to give you any responsibility, so be a "short timer" if that is what is expected of you and figure out how you can enjoy things here as much as possible. Take as many trips as you can, for example, with the extra ss money. See if you can fix up your office so it is a pleasant place to be.. Minimize your involvement with "issues" and detail..if this is not expected of you.

Jay and Joey watch Scooby Dooby Do

Liza and Marti - the Aristocats