Visit to the British Museum

I visited the British Museum and walking through gallery after gallery, found it much as I had expected and a bit overwhelming. It was the kind of place it would have been nice to have spent a month visiting, examining section after section a day at a time. I ended up with simply a sense of what it was like, not the details. Now writing (September 7, 2000), almost three year later, there is nothing specific that stands out in my mind.

Afterwards I went out for lunch at a nearby pub and then to the Charing Cross bookstores, Foyes, etc. Again no great joy in all of those books. Perhaps I was saturated with books by that time.

Back to Forrest Hills it was from high to low brow culture with supper at McDonalds and a foray for cleaning supplies at S...y (spelling), one of the largest grocery store chains...distinguished from similar American stores by such signs as "nappies" over the diaper row.

British Museum: