September 7, 2000

Without a doubt the most difficult problem in my life is clutter. It destroys my own self image, makes me very unhappy, destroys the view of my environment and generally makes me unhappy. Make that UNHAPPY. There are support groups, bulletin boards, expensive classes, books on overcoming clutter. I will include these on this page. But the effect of adding them, in a way is to in fact increase, not decrease the clutter in my life.

Right now I am faced with a cluttered 4 rooms and a hall, my abode.

A ha, the doorbell chimes insistantly and it is USP with another article...a book Collectible Dolls in National Costume which simply adds to the clutter.

I think that the biggest problem I face is not knowing where things go. Facing the clutter without a plan.

So, try this ?

1. dirty clothes in (or on) clothes hamper

2. trash in trash sacks

3. Paper in "paper boxes"...or "paper sacks" and don't try to deal with them at once

4. kitchen stuff in the kitchen

5. discs, videotapes, etc. in a cabinet

6. magazines and books on a magazine stack

What else is there ?

Go through the mess that exists right now (pictures below)...time yourself, and see where you stand at the end of the session. Start on the hour and keep going for an hour without stopping.

Written at 2:03 pm. September 6, 2000.

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