Saved message From: lbwac@TWP.AC.NZ (WARREN CURRAN) Date: Wed, Nov 4, 1998, 9:53am (EDT+16) To: Subject: LIBEX Elizabeth Jackson Hi Warren Curran here, your email was successfully forwarded to me. I gather you are interested in a swap, please tell me more. Warren Curran Warren Curran Reader Services Librarian The Waikato Polytechnic Private Bag 3036 HAMILTON 2020 NEW ZEALAND


   Saved message From: lbwac@TWP.AC.NZ (WARREN CURRAN) Date: Tue, Nov 17, 1998, 12:13pm (EDT+16) To: Subject: Job exchange and other stuff The following section of this message contains a file attachment prepared for transmission using the Internet MIME message format. If you are using Pegasus Mail, or any another MIME-compliant system, you should be able to save it or view it from within your mailer. If you cannot, please ask your system administrator for assistance.       ---- File information -----------           File: relpy.wav      Date: 9 Nov 1998, 15:47      Size: 191432 bytes.      Type: WAV-sound-file relpy.wav (WAV attachment)



   Saved message From: lbwac@TWP.AC.NZ (WARREN CURRAN) Date: Tue, Nov 17, 1998, 12:13pm (EDT+16) To: Subject: Job exchange and other stuff Hi Elizabeth I hope my wav file worked. My boss is very happy with a job exchange and only "orders" that it start no earlier than the end of March next year. By then we should have gotten used to DRA Classic and sorted out our common policies and procedures with the Central Institute of Technology (CIT)(based in the Wellington area) with whom we are merging (depending on who you talk to). We are waiting (and waiting) on the Ministry of Education approving the merger and the two governing bodies (councils) aggreeing on howe to govern ie. how many of them get on the council. CIT are 1/2 the size of us with some similar courses and some really different ones eg. Undertaking, Podiatry. It was originally set up to provide courses of a national importance that were not economically viable, at least not regionally. Over they years the Government has 1. taken away some of the big courses to Otago Medical school in Dunedin and 2. made education provision competitive. Putting CIT financially in dire straights. For the last 2-3 years they have been trying to find someone to "save" them and have ended up with us. Money was so tight last year that the library wasn't allowed to buy anything for the last 6 months. Anyway enough of that rambling. To recap, Sheryl says OK but after March. She also strongly suggests that the exchange should be at least 6 months, so the people can know enough to contribute effectively to the respective libraries. What are you feelings / thought about this ? Finance Your proposal seems fine to me. If I am correct I would keep enough of my salary to cover power, telephone, lawn mowing (utilities), rent, plus my longterm commitments (superannuation etc) in my NZ bank and you do the same with for your appartment. That would give me about US$850 a month for travel, food etc, which I think I could live off :-) I have enough saved for the airfare right now. I am now concentrating on money for the holiday after. Xmas No Thanksgiving for NZers, although it would be a great idea. A holiday thanking the Maori for initially accepting all those who came to NZ. Until the settlers got gready and started stealing the land, confiscating land from those who may have fought in a war/battle, even creating wars so they could confiscate land after. Our Stautary holidays (Bank holidays in England) are: Anniversary Weekend in January - to celebrate the official beginning of a town / city / region. The Waikato uses Auckland's anniversary day. Waitangi Day in early February - to celebrate / mourn the signingof the Treaty of Waitangi. Which gave Aotearoa to the British and supposedly gave Maori rights over themselves and their land etc. Like most treaties it was basically ignored and today there are varying opinions about it's importance, applicability today. Queens Birthday weekend in May / June - not her real birthday (thats on October I think) and when /if Charlie is King it will be called Kings Birthday weekend (unless we are a republic by then). Labour Weekend in late October - to celebrate the beginning of the 40 hour week. which no longer exists for a lot of people in NZ. Everyone looks forward to this because of the long winter without a long weekend. Traditonally this weekend is wet and when one plants ones tomatoes. Then there's Easter 3 days either side of a weekend in April for Education Institutes, 2 days for everyone else Xmas 2 days off for most Xmas and the day after, Boxing Day, we Education institutes have an extra day off New Years 2 days off for most, Education istitutes have 3 days. I am having Xmas with my mother and other bits of the family in Auckland (where I am originally from) and we are having a barbeque New Zealand style, like Australian barbeques only without the prawns. A full roast meal is a bit much in the middle of summer. We only buy presents for the children, otherwise we would be completely broke. This is way to long an email so I'll stop now.

Warren Curran

Warren Curran Reader Services Librarian The Waikato Polytechnic Private Bag 3036 HAMILTON 2020 NEW ZEALAND


   Saved message From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Thu, Nov 19, 1998, 9:51am (EDT-4) To: Cc: Subject: Exchange Note: Judith, please do not answer me at Hotmail. It was just easy to cut and paste here. Thanks. MEMORANDUM 11/19/98 TO: Judith Brook FROM: Elizabeth Jackson SUBJECT: Exchange                 Please let me know what questions you have. Below is a list of things that I will arrange as soon as possible, should the exchange be approved. I have located an ALA checklist for International Library Job Exchanges that should be useful. url Based on our previous experience and this checklist it appears to me that we need the following. 1. A complete vitae form Warren (what I have below is information I have taken from his Libex application). I have sent an informal one on e-mail, but will fax and mail a more formal CV to them. 2. We will need evidence of his educational qualification for the J visa. (We used Phil's a copy of Phil's library registration). I understand that Kitty Oliver is now handling these forms. 3. A recommendation from his supervisor both in the form of a letter (could it be e-mailed, faxed?) and a telephone call.) 4. Drafting a formal contract between libraries that will provide for the following: A       Time period B       Responsibilities of exchange librarians C       Agreement about salaries (librarians paid salaries and fringes from home institutions) D       Vacation days to be exchanged (if this will be permitted) E       Assurance of medical insurance from personnel offices of respective institutions, or proof                 Of locally purchased insurance F       Understanding about housing to be exchanged between participating librarians G       Work schedules - understandings about number of hours, nights and weekends.                 H       I do know not about special vaccination requirements for an exchange to Mercer, but                                 assume that the International Programs office could help us with this.         J       I will need to provide them sufficient information for a work visa on that end. I believe that Warren and I understand the financial arrangements. My downtown condo will be an ideal living arrangement for him, and I will continue to pay all expenses. (The association fee includes all utilities, cable TV, there is a security desk at the front door, and there is a laundry room on site.) It is 45 minutes by MARTA - train and one bus, with the rail station located right across the street from where he will be staying. He has inquired about living expenses, has estimated what he will have to spend after paying his home expenses in New Zealand and feels comfortable with this. He shares a house with a man with two teenage children near Hamilton, and will continue to pay expenses there. Neither of us is bringing family members on the exchange. Exchange Proposal Job exchange between Elizabeth Jackson and Warren Curran Time   April 1999 through September 1999 Job description for Warren Curran                 1       20 hours a week -       reference 2 Maintain reference schedule May though September 3 Presentations on the Atlanta and Macon campus on librarianship, distance learning, and educational technology in New Zealand. 4 Participation in internal and external library meetings 5       Supervision of the interlibrary loan/document delivery services 6       Special project - visit office for all Atlanta faculty to consult on database searching, with                 an emphasis on GALILEO databases. Orientation to faculty on new desktop document                 delivery services. E. Jackson would make arrangements for the visits in advance. In September faculty would be surveyed to determine the effectiveness of the office visits and the document delivery system. Project would result in a formal paper to be presented at a meeting in 1999/2000. This would build on a project started in 1997, but would be more structured and involve extensive feedback. Warren Curran (Modified vitae - information taken from Libex application) Warren Curran Male 34 New Zealander Home address                 R and G Appleton                 RD4     Newstead                 Hamilton, New Zealand                                 Telephone:     work   07-834-8866                                 Home   667-838-0707 Work address                 Waikato Polytechnic                 Private Bag                 Hamilton                 New Zealand Education:     BA in Secondary Teaching and Diploma in Librarianship Experience     5 years, supervision in circulation and some technical service - small Polytechnic years, reader services librarian and manager of circulation and reference, and interlibrary             loan (supervision 7 staff members), Waikato Polytechnic Waikato Polytechnic is a multicampus institution offering degrees in nursing, business, electrical engineering and agriculture. Enrollment is approximately 5,000 students. Waikato Polytechnic urls References Supervisor Library Manager Sheryl ______________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at HARDLY A MONTH HAD GONE BY AND THINGS WERE REALLY CLICKING I GOT TENTATIVE APPROVAL FROM THE VERY TOP

   Saved message From: (Elizabeth Jackson) Date: Thu, Nov 19, 1998, 5:41pm (EDT-1) To: lbwac@TWP.AC.NZ Cc: Subject: Progress

Good news so far. I spoke to Judith Wednesday morning, she spoke to her supervisor, Acting University Librarian, Beth Hammond in Macon, and Beth plans to talk to the Associate Provost, Peggy Dubuse, to whom she reports. Peggy will be out of the office until the beginning of next week, and then there are the holidays. Judith goes into the hospital for surgery Tuesday, so I am not sure what kind of time frame we are working on now. If Beth gets the go ahead from Peggy she would still probably want to run it back by Judith before I can get a final answer. However, I have every reason to think the response is going to be positive.

I am forwarding you the what I have sent (a very wordy e-mail) to Judith. We will have to draw up something that looks like a job contract and she will want to talk to your supervisor and have a letter of recommendation. (Your supervisor will probably want the same thing.) Since Peggy got involved in approving my job swap last time, I think this should all move smoothly.

Turns out Judith and her mother toured New Zealand together some years and ago and she has wonderful memories of your country.

I am asking for April through September which would be 6 months. Our spring semester ends about April 30 and fall semester starts up again the middle of August. While we have business and education students here during the summer, there is not much going on with pharmacy and theology.

I read through your web pages and see that the first months in 1999 are going mark the merger of your institutions, and it looks like an integrated library system upgrade. Is this correct ? Sounds exciting. It may be into the first week in December before you hear from me about this, but I am beginning to feel that it is really going to happen, and am reading up on New Zealand.

Best wishes, Elizabeth


   Saved message From: lbwac@TWP.AC.NZ (WARREN CURRAN) Date: Mon, Nov 30, 1998, 1:41pm (EDT+16) To: (Elizabeth Jackson) Subject: Job Exchange

I just spent 1 hour typing up an email to you and the program just crashed on me :-( @^%$&$%&&#^#@#!%!^%. Attached should be a CV and job description. The job description has just been written upp in the polytechnic's new format and hasn't been okayed but Sheryl yet, who is back in Chrishchurch looking after her father.

Proof of qualifications would photocopies signed by a Justice of the peace be OK ? Membership of the professional association is not required to get a Librarianship qualification in NZ, unlike the UK.

Do you have copies of the aggreements from your last exchange ? They may save a lot of time. I have to make a formal proposal to the Deputy CEO for approval 9with Sheryl's support).

While you are here there is the Polytchnic Librarians Conference / meeting in Nelson you will go on. Unfortunately the LIANZA (new name change) conference is in November next year. Sheryl suggested you might want to go to one in Victoria Australia, since you say I would be going to the ALA conference.

How much Annual leave will you want to take ? I will want to take 3 weeks, but Sheryl says you will probably have more A/L. She is happy to have no one in the job for a bit and I will have to work for a bit longer than you, which is OK. When Sheryl comes back I can start working on the agreement for the job exchange and the separate personal exchange as it were.


Warren Curran Reader Services Librarian The Waikato Polytechnic Private Bag 3036 HAMILTON 2020 NEW ZEALAND


   Saved message From: lbwac@TWP.AC.NZ (WARREN CURRAN) Date: Mon, Mar 1, 1999, 9:07am (EDT+16) To: (Elizabeth Jackson) Subject: Job exchange update


Huge appologies for the slowness at my end. I have been told the CEO, who decides these things, has been away alot and seems to have forgotten my request. The head of our group (teaching unit = faculties, non "teaching" = groups) asked Sheryl to ask me for another copy of the proposal so he could re-brief our CEO.

It's only 6 weeks or so away, so I am going to start organising everyhing my end on the assumption that my CEO will say yes.

What documents do you need from me so I can airmail them to you in the next couple of days ? Do they need to be "authorised copies eg witnessed by a Justice of the peace etc ? We have one at the Poly, so won't be a problem.

Why the 15th, in the middle of the week, for the start of the swap?. I would have thought starting on a Monday would have been better as we would have the weekend for traveling, but I'm easy about when. The new system has been delayed again. The service contract with the NZ people still hasn't been signed yet.

I feel we need to come up with a firm date, so we have something to aim for, can have everything ready for when I get approval eg book tickets, paperwork etc.

Warren Warren Curran Reader Services Librarian The Waikato Polytechnic Private Bag 3036 HAMILTON 2020 NEW ZEALAND


   Saved message From: jackson_e@Mercer.EDU Date: Thu, Mar 25, 1999, 2:24pm (EDT-1) To: lbwac@TWP.AC.NZ (WARREN CURRAN) Cc: (Elizabeth Jackson) Subject: Re: (Fwd) Atlanta exchange... This looks fine to me. Judith has written about having the exchange run from May 15 through October 1999....but I will have 10 days vacation at least left over for this fiscal year and 22 for the next, and as we discussed earlier, if we can exchange vacation days that should give you plenty of time. You may have already told me, but I cannot find 2 pieces of information needed for the form 1. Your place of birth 2. Your date of birth. Once I have those and get Judith and Beth to sign the form we will be ready to have Kitty complete it and mail it to you. I have just talked to our benefits person here, Martha Fennell, and told her that we will go with the insurance that you are getting, and if for any reason that does not satisfy the USIA I will pay for the other insurance. There, that should cover all bases. I just had my hair done (all this feminine vanity), and am getting the passport sized photo the NZ immigration people want. As soon as you can get me the "invitation" letter I will send my documents off to the NZ Embassy in Washington. I will be out of the office tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, but we now have this on a webbased is just so terribly slow. Getting closer, Elizabeth

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, WARREN CURRAN wrote: My confirmed flight bookings below, which I don't have to pay until the 23rd April. Should have plenty of time for processing of visa.

I now get in to Atlanta at 11.30 pm . Is that going to be a problem ?

Saturday 15 May         United Airlines flight UA 842                                 Depart Auckland at 6.30pm                                                                 Arrive in Chicago at 6.50pm (via Los Angeles)                                                                 United Airlines flight UA 1040                                 Depart Chicago at 8.45pm                                 Arrive in Atlanta at 11.30pm Thursday 02 December           United Airlines flight UA 841                                 Depart Los Angeles at 10.30pm                                                                 Arrive in Auckland at 8am Saturday 4th Warren Warren Curran Reader Services Librarian The Waikato Polytechnic Private Bag 3036 HAMILTON 2020 NEW ZEALAND Elizabeth Christian Jackson, M.Ln.             E-mail Associate Head                                 Voice           770.986.3272 Swilley Library                                 Fax             770.986.3270 Mercer University, Atlanta


   Saved message From: jackson_e@Mercer.EDU Date: Thu, Apr 15, 1999, 1:54pm To: Subject: Re: IAP-66 (fwd) Elizabeth Christian Jackson, M.Ln.             E-mail Associate Head                                 Voice           770.986.3272 Swilley Library                                 Fax             770.986.3270 Mercer University, Atlanta ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 14:00:59 +1200 From: WARREN CURRAN To: jackson_e@Mercer.EDU Subject: Re: IAP-66 0100,0100,0100I am trying one of the new computers which has a new version of our email program Pegasus Mail. Haven't decided if i like it yet. It has all the little fancy bits and pieces for win95. One excellent thing is I can highlight individual words when before I could only highlight the whole text.

I can also centre
right justify It calls it Rich Text. Of course if someone has a less up to date mail program they wouldn't be able to appreciate it. In terms of here I will have to do a big clean up of the house. Luckily I have a spare room we use as a second lounge and Grants kids sleep there when they visit. I will be storing my stuff in that rooms cupboards. we have a nice new stove, but an old microwave and no dishwasher. I do have an Italian espresso maker and 3 other coffee making appliances if you are into real coffee. Over the weekend, before you start, Sheryl wants to show you around town and explain our supermarkets etc. She is also planning a late Sunday lunch with the library staff at her place, so everyone can meet you before work. Of course if you are too tired with jet lag you won't be forced to do any of this. Sheryl doesn't get jet lag, so her itinary may be unrealistic. When we meet I will hand over a small book of instructions and advice to help you (NOT). :-) Warren ps. I went to get my mug shot and i was asked what size did I want as depending on the application US Immigration wan a square photo or the more usual rectangle photo. The consulate say they process applications in 2 days of receiving it.

Warren Curran Reader Services Librarian The Waikato Polytechnic Private Bag 3036 HAMILTON 2020 NEW ZEALAND


   Saved message From: jackson_e@Mercer.EDU Date: Thu, Apr 22, 1999, 11:25am To: Cc: Subject: (Fwd) Re: (Fwd) Re: Invite letter (fwd) Elizabeth Christian Jackson, M.Ln.             E-mail Associate Head                                 Voice           770.986.3272 Swilley Library                                 Fax             770.986.3270 Mercer University, Atlanta ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 08:28:33 +1200 From: WARREN CURRAN To: jackson_e@Mercer.EDU Subject: (Fwd) Re: (Fwd) Re: Invite letter Hseryl's reply about the reference ------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- From:                   "Sheryl Morgan" Organization:           The Waikato Polytechnic To:                     "WARREN CURRAN" Date sent:             Tue, 20 Apr 1999 11:33:35 +1200 Subject:               Re: (Fwd) Re: Invite letter From:                   "WARREN CURRAN" Organization:           The Waikato Polytechnic To:                     ad4/lbsdm Date sent:             Tue, 20 Apr 1999 09:08:33 +1200 Subject:               (Fwd) Re: Invite letter A question only you can answer. Warren ------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- Date sent:             Mon, 19 Apr 1999 11:36:58 -0400 (EDT) From:                   jackson_e@Mercer.EDU Subject:               Re: Invite letter To:                     WARREN CURRAN

I have not seen Judith in the past several days but she keeps asking me about the reference letter from Sheryl, and (I feel like a nag here)...I would appreciate knowing when she sends it.

I posted it 2 weeks ago. I can email it as an attachment but it would be without the letterhead. Faxing would be ok but I would have to mark it confidential and be sure it was a secure fax machine. Library Ext 8129 Sheryl Warren Curran Reader Services Librarian The Waikato Polytechnic Private Bag 3036 HAMILTON 2020 NEW ZEALAND


   Message From: (WARREN CURRAN) Date: Mon, Feb 28, 2000, 11:31am (EDT+16) To: (Elizabeth Christian) Subject:

Re: MALMAD etc

ME - Hey, you really DID something...the newsletter.

W - Thanks - I haven't seen heaps of tutors come into the Library for their "prize" though.

ME -Can't wait to show it to Trudy. (I keep sending her mail from home, just as I did in NZ...ideas)...Mind if we steal your quiz...and modify it ?

W - Help yourself I guess Sheryl has told you about the possible new job....The interviewer from Falls Church VA said I would hear next week. They need to fill it....If I don't get it...well, still have a job.... No, but good luck. I keep hoping the perfect job turns up for me, but no luck so far. Instead I am buying an iMAC to compensate and doing a Web Developers course next semester inpreparation. Fooling around with the computer and not going over to Eden's this afternoon to babysit.... Shock, horror an evening off from the grandkids!!! :-) Warren     



Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 08:41:09 +1200 Subject: Update on me

What's happening with me.

I am looking for another job, more in the tech area. Management isn't for me, particularly when one has people like V. to deal with. the amount of enargy I neeed to put in to just a adequeate job is more than I am willing to put in.

I have moved houses.We are now in a big old house with 12 foot studs. It was Sheryl's fiance's newly deceased Uncles house.

Sheryl has given the "hard word" to Vicki and i am having to deal with some of the fallout. Of course V. doesn't think she is the cause of any of it.

Gabrielle's grandfather in Matamata died last night in hospital (83). A bit of a relief for her and her mother. He was a grumpy old bastard. Complained all the time, wouldn't take his medication, said things like "don't bother I'll be gone by the time these need washing". Gabrielle thinks it wierd that he died exactly 11 months after his wife (11th July 1999, 11th June 2000).