Message From: (Diane PA) Date: Wed, Jul 19, 2000, 2:12am To: (Elizabeth Christian) Subject: Re: New PhotoPoint guestbook entry

I have gotten most of my ethnic dolls thru a company in Spain. But it has been many years since I bought any thru there. There are several stores here that sell "special" dolla from different countries but they are very expensive. If you would like their addresses or email addy if they have I could try to find them and email them to you. Or you could tell me what kind of dolls you are interested in and I culd look around and see which stores have what.    Message From: (Diane PA) Date: Wed, Jul 19, 2000, 1:53am To: (Elizabeth Christian) Subject: more collectibles Well you are up on me..I have never been on ebay yet. In fact I've only been on web since Jan. but I like it. As for storing dolls there are books at the library or book stores to tell how to store them correctly . I don't store any. My whole house looks like TOYS R US exploded in here. I have them in every room in the house. The "breakable" ones I have in a very large china closet. I decorate the house and my front bow window window with them. I change their clothes at Christmas into holiday outfits and they brighten up the place. I just feel good having them around. I collect stuffed animals too and angels, Teddy bears, Beanies, advertizing dolls and animals,troll dolls, Ginny dolls, musical dolls ,reproductions of BI LO dolls and just about any doll or anythig that I really like.

Also mermaids. I just got a mermaid-angel in Swansboro N.C. 2 yrs ago. Never saw one before that. I want to put as many in my album as I can. But I'm in a photo club and have alot of assignments to do before I can get more pics put in. Besides I'd lke to doll "scenes" to have in the pics.

I have an American Indian Baby I want to get i and A dancing adult woman doll from Itally also. SOOO mannnny. What kind of dolls do you collect? Do you buy only certain kids? I have ones that costa as little as a few dollars to ones that cost a couple of hundred dollars.(not many of those ha ha)

   Message From: (Kelly Hannon) Date: Tue, Jul 18, 2000, 9:11am To: Subject: Re: New PhotoPoint guestbook entry Elizabeth - - What fun!! To meet a new person via eBay (I am assuming you got to the Photopoint site from the eBay link). I have just one question topmost in my mind: If you work at Mercer and have for 35 years, WHY in the heck do you live downtown????? Just curious. I'm a legal secretary and live south of Jonesboro, so I have a bit more of a commute than you. I have about 60 dolls at home and 20 here at the office (one of my bosses says my cubicle looks like a flea market). I have only Mme. Alex. 8" and 10" dolls. My older sister and I both had one of each when we were children, only the Cissettes of which I still have, so when I found eBay about 2 ˝ years ago, I went a little nuts. Since then, however, I have learned a LOT and hsve made four or five really good friends via email. I don't know if you remember it, but a couple of years ago at about this time, there was an article in the AJC about MA Scarlett dolls being donated to the Margaret Mitchell House by a lady dying of cancer. The dolls came through a friend she met on the internet - - that was me! If you didn't see it, no big deal. What dolls do you have? And I'm curious about your Mavica - - is it a digital camera? I tried that a month or so ago with a cheapo one - - wasn't worth squat, so though I had just gotten in on eBay, I turned around and resold it for a $20 profit (about the only thing I've sold on eBay for a profit!).

To get the quality I want in a photo, I think I have to use a 35mm camera (my Pentax with a zoom lens for the close-ups). I suppose that clarity can be acquired with a digital camera, but it would probably have to be a really expensive one and I can't justify that kind of expenditure, just to take pictures of dolls. So for now I'm continuing the 35mm SLR efforts and just having the pictures developed on disk. So tell me about your dolls. I got a few new ones when I started, but now I'm mostly just getting the vintage ones. Kelly

   Message From: (Kelly Hannon) Date: Tue, Jul 18, 2000, 8:36am To: Subject: Re: New PhotoPoint guestbook entry Thanks for your note. I'm on Peachtree every day too - - work at Peachtree Center. Thanks for the compliments on my photography too. I try hard to get the shots right, correct background, angle, etc. If I have inspired you, I'm delighted. I have so much fun "playing" with my dolls and their clothes. I'm now attempting to make the tiny little heels for the Cissettes - - now THAT's a challenge, having to make the "plastic" base. The lining and elastic is a snap compared to trying to get the base made. If you start sewing for yours, do send me pictures or post them on Photopoint and let me know when they are there. I LOVE seeing others' dolls and creations. Thanks again. Kelly Hannon 07/17/00 10:07PM >>> You have a new guestbook entry from: Your guest book can be viewed by logging into PhotoPoint, at the following URL: Album: MA Dolls Name: Eliabeth Christian Email: Message: From a modern gal who really does "stroll down Peachtree" every day.... This is my favorite. Excellent photos, good resolution and posing. Wonderful collection. You are inspiring me....