This 13 inch tall Ewardian doll was hand made in England in the 1950s and signed by Catriona. Her face is madeof composition and is delicately hand painted flesh tone with her beautiful red lips, she has red synthetic hair that is in an updo that is under her violet colored satin and white flower hat. She is wearing a off white cotton faile long sleeve full length dress with beige lace trim on her cuffs and hem with a lace flower pattern on the middle upperportion of her high neck dress with a gold necklace on top her dress and a beige satin ribbon with brown beadsand a white bow tied around her waist. She is carrying a satin violet umbrella with a a black beaded handle in herleft hand and a signiture tag in her right hand. This is an exquisite doll to add to any doll collection. She has alot of character. New Milford, NJ August 2000