The embroidery on the dress of this doll is called "Matyo" and the dolls were originally made by a group called "Matyohaz" (the house of matyo.)

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Identifying Hungarian dolls


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Hi, Elizabeth,

The ones with the fluffy balls on the headdress and elaborate flower embroidery on the aprons are definitely Hungarian. I have several of them and also a book on Hungarian costumes.


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August 25, 2000 To: Subject: "Russian doll" I see that you are bidding on a "Russian" doll. Do you know much about this kind of doll ? I purchased on on ebay last month from a lady who bought a very similar doll in an estate sale, and thought the doll came from Russia, but the apron looks Hungarian. My doll has a different headpiece...kind of "balls" ..tufted ...the materials of the dress is diferent, but same style and shoes and underclothes sound similar.

Thanks Elizabeth